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6 Problems With Porn

Let’s just get down to it, sex sells. Porn is rampant all over the Internet today. So what’s the problem with it? A number of things, but today I will present you with 6 major problems with porn, especially as it relates to your marriage. And, just a fair warning this article is straightforward at […]

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When Was The Last Time You Did This For Your Spouse?

You know what I’m talking about right? When was the last time…you know. Oh, you don’t know. You don’t know what I’m talking about, well let me explain. Marriage is tough sometimes and it can be monotonous, but if you want it to work you have to work it. So today I ask you a simple […]

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Setting SMART Goals For Greater Productivity And Success

How many times have you set out to accomplish something and failed at it? I want to show you how properly to set SMART goals for greater productivity and success. Maybe you tried to lose weight, or pay off a bill, save a certain amount of money, or be more productive. Why did you fail at […]

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Are We Really Equipping The Saints?!

Lately I have been asking myself a very important question after reading the book of Ephesians, “Are we really equipping the saints?” You may have noticed that I have recently changed the “tagline” on the site to read “equipping the saints to live the Christian life,” from “practical advice for living the Christian life.” While I do […]

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Celebrating The Life And Death Of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Every year we celebrate presidents, influential leaders, and holidays. But, today I encourage you to remember a man that many don’t even know. I encourage you to celebrate the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Who is he you may ask? Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a pastor, professor, and theologian who lived in the early nineteen hundreds. He […]

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Become A Student Of Your Spouse

I encourage everyone I know to be a continual learner, whether that is through classes, books, podcasts or whatever means is fitting. You can become a student of course at school, of a trade or craft, but most importantly become a student of your spouse. This goes along with the idea of Growing With Your […]

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Would Jesus Make a Cake For a Gay Couple?

All over the news lately we see headline after headline talking about the new Religious Freedom Restoration Act. With the news of bakeries refusing service to homosexual couples, then the ensuing lawsuit that follows, as a follower of Christ you have to ask yourself, “Would Jesus Make a cake for a gay couple?” I think […]

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3 Reasons Easter Is Far Greater Than Christmas

As we embark upon the holiday weekend, I want to explain why every believer should understand why Easter is far greater than Christmas. It seems that the two times every year that every edifice called a church building is packed to the gills with people coming to celebrate the life and death of Christ are Christmas […]

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