Where Is Your Source?

In a world that is pulling you in a thousand directions and is constantly sucking the life out of you it can be easy to become overwhelmed. If you do not know where your source is, you strength will be drained, your joy will dwindle, and you will constantly stress over your finances. Where is your source?

13 Uncommon Lessons from Exodus

The book of Exodus is one of those books that we learn about in Sunday school when we learn all about Moses, his time in the desert, leading the children of Israel out of captivity, and the parting of the Red Sea. This is many times the extent of our understanding of the book, but what if there was to the book than that? Many years ago I sat down to study Exodus in a way to find uncommon lessons. These lessons were written in a journal and have been stored on the shelf. Today I share with you some of those lessons. Here are 13 uncommon lessons from the book of Exodus.

My Utmost For His Highest Devotional (1935)

My Utmost for His Highest is a daily devotional by Oswald Chambers that compiles his Christian preaching to students and soldiers. The book was first published in 1935. This timeless devotional has been read by Christians for years. Each day Chambers provides a deep spiritual lesson that is sure to challenge you and give you greater insight into life with our Lord.

But You Don’t Like People

Guest Post By: Amber Passini

Loving people can be difficult especially if you don’t even like them. But, if you don’t like them how can you follow Christ’s command to love them as you love your self? In today’s guest post by my wife, she shares a personal story of how her dislike for people challenged her to grow spiritually.