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Living by Christ Daily

What does it mean to “Live by Christ?” For myself, even living for the Lord since I was 13, I had never heard or even understood this statement until recently. Living by Christ is understanding that Christ, by way of the Holy Spirit actually dwells within the hearts of believers. Frank Viola actually refers to […]

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Helping a Friend in Need

Hey Friends,   Many of our US veterans deal with silent and invisible scars everyday. PTSD is one such problem. PTSD is a silent killer that takes the lives of 22 veterans each day. [TWEET THIS] While many turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with their pain, others turn to the help of service animals. A […]

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What’s in a testimony?

I have found myself out riding a mower a lot lately taking care of the school, which in turn has given me plenty of time to sit in the presence of the Lord and meditate. Recently as I was mowing the football field I was just overwhelmed with the remembrance of and desire to share […]

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Actions and Reactions

Hey friends, I apologize for delay in writing. I am adjusting to a new schedule and I am going to try and get started writing again. I may be consistent, I may not, but alas such is life. I just hope you will continue to enjoy the materials as they come available. There is an […]

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Why Do We Suck?!

Before you get offended, know that when I ask that question, trust me when I say, I count myself at the top of the list when it comes to sucking at representing Christ. Now as you proceed, consider Christ and His current representation to the world.   Jesus Christ, in my eyes and the eyes […]

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