Why Does God Hate Idolatry?

The idol worship we read about in the Old Testament and that which we see today in our modern Western society look completely different. It doesn’t matter if we filter it through the lens of the past or the present; the fact is God hates idol worship all the same; but why?

‪How do we treasure traditions of old, while embracing the emerging future? We speak from both sides of our mouth, if you will. We must live in surround sound. Listening to the echoes of the past, while leaning in to hear the whispers of tomorrow. We hold treasures in one hand & grasp for the future with the other. We walk boldly with the Lord, to beautifully blend it together in the biosphere of our lives.‬

Daniel Passini

How Can The Church Use Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality?

Look around you. Technology is everywhere. From ovens with WiFi, to home security controlled from you cell phone, and even cars that park themselves. It’s seems like everyday some new incredible technological advancement is on the market to make our lives interesting or easier. There are certain technologies that used to be only seen in movies, but are quickly on the rise. How will the Church utilize virtual reality and augmented to help advance the Kingdom?

Hudson’s Trials & Triumphs

Hey friends, this month I am partnering with Hudson’s Trials & Triumphs to help raise funding for his needed kidney transplant. Hudson Ryle Schrank was born 3-13-16 via emergency c-section at 35+5. Lack of oxygen caused acute renal failure and is on peritoneal dialysis (PD), and he will be needing a kidney transplant.

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I Need Heeeelllpppp

Ever notice how kids are not ashamed to ask for help? Then we grow up and get hard headed, and we lose that willingness to seek help. Jesus taught us an amazing lesson in saying, “unless you become like a child” (Matt. 18:3). How often do we resist asking for help to only suffer alone? Here’s a funny story about asking for help, and the powerful lesson from a little boy.