Our greatest fear

Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at something that doesn’t really matter. – D.L. Moody

9 Things To Pray For Your Spouse Every Day

What To Pray When You Don't Know What To Pray

As a Christian couple praying for your spouse is not only a great way to strengthen your marriage, but also to strengthen your relationship with the Lord. It’s easy to pray for your spouse when there’s a big test, a job promotion on the line, or a difficult boss to deal with, but what about when everything seems to be going okay? Here are 9 things you can pray for your spouse every day.

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The Mingling Of Souls Review

The Mingling Of Souls: God’s Design For Love Marriage, Sex, & Redemption (David C. Cook, 2015)

In this book Matt Chandler does a masterful job of dissecting the marital relationship that is presented in the Song Of Solomon. He breaks down from attraction through making it last. He very clearly articulates the intricacies in the relationship in language, phrases, and situational illustrations that people today will truly be able to understand. If you are a follower of Christ and desire to grow in your marriage, I earnestly encourage you to read this book. Read my review HERE.

Christians: We Have No One To Blame For This Mess But Ourselves

A Look At Obama's Bathroom Directive And The Spiritual State Of Our Nation

Last week the Obama Administration issued a directive to allow children in public school systems to use the restroom and locker room facility of the gender they identify with, rather than what their natural born sex is. Many Christians were outraged and in uproar over this, and to them I say we have no one to blame for this but ourselves.

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The Mingling Of Souls

God's Design For Love, Marriage, Sex, & Redemption By Matt Chandler

We often think of the book Song Of Solomon as “the lovers book” in the Bible, and many times it just gets written off mentally. To be honest, I felt the same way. After reading The Mingling of Souls by Matt Chandler, I now see it in a completely different light.

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