12 Ways To Divorce-Proof Your Marriage, Plus 1 Bonus

Divorce rates in America are sitting at a staggering rate of between 40-50%. That means that roughly half of every marriage in America will end in divorce. While we know that there are no “absolutes” when it comes to divorce prevention because we are all fallible humans, here are the top 12 ways I believe you can divorce proof your marriage.

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Often times individuals proceed into marriage with the mindset of: “What can I get out of this?” As followers of Christ we are called to serve one another. I have heard love defined a number of different ways. One definition states that love is,

Putting the needs of others above your own.

As a Believer you are called to serve your spouse. Serving someone is putting there needs above your own; it’s being intentional about meeting their need. Even if your spouse does not believe the same as you, present Christ to them through your service. If you are committed to your marriage (even if your spouse is not) put these items into practice, and I believe your marital relationship will grow.


 So here are the top 12 ways I believe you can divorce proof your marriage:

  1. Keep Christ as the head in your marriage
  2. Pray and read your Bible together regularly
  3. Don’t be alone with a member of the opposite sex
  4. Go to bed together
  5. Never let the honeymoon die
  6. Always date your spouse
  7. Speak their love language
  8. Never speak negatively about your spouse to others
  9. Be intimate on a regular basis, even if it has to be scheduled
  10. Have at least 60 minutes of personal intimate conversation each day
  11. Always be willing to apologize to your spouse
  12. Always be willing to forgive your spouse

Bonus: Don’t even allow the word divorce to be part of your vocabulary


Of course, this list could continue, but I believe these are some of the top issues that you can put into practice. Start implementing these practices today, and I believe your marriage will begin to flourish.

How do you divorce proof your marriage? Let me know in a comment below.

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