27 Of The Best Frank Viola Quotes

Frank Viola has become a spiritual mentor and friend to Amber and myself. After having obtained both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in theology, Frank was the first one to introduce me to God’s eternal purpose. I have been forever smitten by it. It has turned my thinking, my theology, and my life upside down. I began with his work Pagan Christianity, but soon dove into his deeper works that unraveled God’s Eternal Purpose, and the magnificence of our Lord. Below you will find a collection of 27 Frank Viola quotes that are sure to spur you on to greater depths in Jesus Christ.


Let me say this before you advance. I could seriously quote Frank’s work pages at a time…but apparently that is frowned upon as plagiarism. I could have also made this list numerous times longer. Each quote is categorized under the work it was pulled from, even though some can be found quoted in multiple works of his.

I encourage you to pick up one, or all, of his books, dive into his podcast, check out his blog, and join the Deeper Christian Life Network.


Frank Viola Quotes

Jesus Now:

  • Not everyone who professes Christ knows Him. The fruit of real faith is love—treating all others the same way you want to be treated.
  • You will experience dry spells where there is no sense of God’s presence. Learn to live by faith, not feelings.


Jesus Manifesto:

  • May God give us more people who have had a head-on collision with Jesus, who have caught a glimpse of His radiance, and who, as a result, can meld a group of people together with a living knowledge of their God in the face of Jesus Christ.
  • The Lord’s grace, however, sometimes comes long after the insufficiency. So be prepared to meet a God who seems to have the disturbing habit of leaving the scene when you most need Him.
  • To waste means to give more than is necessary. The message here is that it is impossible to give more than is necessary to Jesus. If our eyes are open to see His infinite value, we will ‘waste’ our lives on Him gladly and even recklessly, just as Mary did.
  • All told, there’s nothing worth pursuing outside of Christ. To our minds, there is one reason why a Christian would not be absolutely occupied and consumed with Christ. That person’s eyes have not been opened to see His greatness.


Revise Us Again:

  • Let me pass on a word of advice. If you ever hit a fork in the road with the people with whom you do church (whatever that looks like), there’s one sure way that the Lord can get what He wants. Drop whatever is causing the problem, and let it go into death.
  • Fellowship is not having a meal with somebody. Fellowship is mutual participation and exchange. It’s a two-way street. If you and I have fellowship, that means that I receive what the Lord has given you and that you receive what the Lord has given me. And we are both enriched. That’s fellowship.
  • Here’s a prayer worth praying. Whenever you see the Lord in a way that steals your breath, that’s the time to turn to Him and say, ‘Lord, let me not lose touch. Keep my feet on the ground and cause me to always remember that I am no better than any other Christian.’


Where’s God e-book:

  • If you’ve not yet met the God who refuses to meet all your expectations, you will. And how you react in that day will reveal whether you are worshipping Jesus Christ or Santa Claus.


The Day I Met Jesus:

  • You will never know if self-righteousness lurks in your heart until you see someone you regard as ‘sinful’ audaciously loving Jesus. How you react to that situation will uncover what’s deep within your heart.
  • Self-righteousness will disqualify you from the kingdom of God. Serving God, as Simon performed his entire life, doesn’t score brownie points with the Almighty. Humility and treating others the way you want to be treated in all circumstances is what Jesus is after. This, in fact, fulfills the entire law and the prophets (Matt. 7:12).


Magnificent Obsession e-book:

  • Purpose reveals where we’re going and what’s essential to us. Our purpose sets our priorities. And our priorities determine our productivity.
  • When it comes to God’s purpose, when we set our purpose in alignment with God’s eternal purpose, we find fulfillment. Purpose gives us the power to persevere under pressure. In it, we find our mission.
  • God’s purpose transcends evangelism and social action (both of which are focused on meeting human needs). The eternal purpose is primarily by Him, through Him, and to Him. Meeting human needs is a byproduct, not the prime product.


Jesus Speaks:

  • Wisdom is not natural reasoning independent of God. Wisdom comes out of dependence upon the Lord. So any piece of authentic wisdom that you receive comes from your Lord, for He is wisdom embodied.
  • Content from the Lord will always be in harmony with Scripture. It will never contradict it. The Lord’s present speaking will always be consistent with what He’s said in the past. More specifically, it will bear the marks of giving and self-sacrifice, which is love—the love that fulfills the Law and the Prophets.
  • God often speaks to us without initiating or asking. So we should always cultivate an attitude of listening.
  • Here’s a lesson to learn: the Lord Jesus Christ eventually comes to us in ways that make it easy for us to reject Him.
  • A true mark of spiritual poverty is a wide heart. If you have a narrow heart, you will only recognize Jesus through some of his people.
  • To simplify the point, thinkers, feelers, and doers tend to recognize the Lord’s speaking only when it resembles their specific personalities and communication styles. For this reason, we must learn to hear Jesus speak to us outside of our comfort zones and personal preferences.


God’s Favorite Place On Earth:

  • As high as God is going to elevate you is as deep as he digs to lay the foundation.
  • Suffering is worldwide and neck deep. But for the Christian, suffering has a special purpose. It’s the chiseling of God designed to transform you into the image of His Son
  • Sometimes God will deliver you from trouble. Oftentimes He will deliver you through it.
  • A Spirit-led man or woman is someone who has faced tragedy, faced loss, looked unbearable and exquisite pain in the face…and stood his or her ground.
  • In our suffering, we want an explanation. But Jesus wants to give us a revelation…of Himself.
  • The power of His resurrection always follows the fellowship of His sufferings.

I still have yet to read a few of Frank’s works, and I’m sure there will be more quotes from those.

Do you have a favorite Frank Viola Quote? Share it below.

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  1. This reminded me that just like Frank has been a leader in your life, we too should pick up the task of being a leader to others who are unsaved or spiritually weak. I just started my own Bible study at my house, and it has been a big role to take upon myself. Though it can be difficult, I thank God every day for the friendships that are starting and the encouragement the guys are being to me. Leadership is not easy, but like Frank, it is a task that someone needs to take on.