One of the great joys of marriage is getting to enjoy different experiences with your spouse. There is no doubt you will both go through changing seasons throughout your marriage, but one of the greatest strengths for your marriage is when you can make your spouse better.

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I believe you and I have a responsibility to make our spouse’s better. Why? We have to make them better so they don’t stagnate, but also it brings fresh life to them and your marriage. When you work together to become better, and encourage each other to become better, your marriage thrives. Here are 6 ways to make your spouse greater.


Encourage Them In A Current Hobby/Venture

There are going to be things your spouse enjoys that you may not necessarily enjoy. These differences are what make each of you great. One thing you can do to make your spouse greater is to encourage them in a hobby or venture they enjoy. Just knowing you support them even though you don’t like it, or maybe not even understand it builds confidence in them.

I love to try new hobbies and activities. My wife even though she may not understand why I like it, or may already know it won’t last, will support me in my effort. Just knowing she encourages me in trying new things builds my confidence in trying it.

My wife used to compete as a natural figure competitor (a form of body building) and won her pro card. I loved seeing her on stage. She has also done a powerlifting competition and won that too. Yeah she is pretty awesome.

Outside of her competing she is amazingly smart and loves to draw. She doesn’t draw often enough, so I encourage her to keep at it. I even got her her own drafting table for a present one year, because I love her art that much.

Just as she encourages me in all my endeavors, I love to encourage her in hers. Encourage your spouse in their hobbies and watch them shine.


Join Them In A Hobby

While there may be activities and hobbies that you do separately, one way to make your spouse and your marriage greater is to do something together.

When you make the choice to join your spouse in a hobby you show them that you care, are willing to try new things, and may actually end up liking it.

A few years ago I picked up hunting. My dad had always hunted, but living with my mom in another state never gave me the chance to learn how. My wife supported me in it, then towards the end of the season last year she joined me when I went out. She fell in love with it, and dove in headfirst. This season we have already had a blast going together.

While we have things we do separately, doing things together is one of the things that define our marriage. It strengthens our relationship, and I believe it will yours also.


Encourage Them To Start A New Hobby or Venture

At various stages in our life we can become stagnant, which is never good. When you see this happening to your spouse, encourage them to start a new hobby.

Stagnation only breeds death and disease. When your spouse begins to exhibit stagnation in their personal life, it will pour directly into your marriage. Avoid this by getting your spouse involved in a new activity.


Pray Over Them Regularly

This is probably one of the, if not the biggest thing you can do to make your spouse and your marriage greater. Praying over your spouse speaks new life into them spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

Even though they may not voice it, your spouse covets your prayers. Pray for them privately, but also pray directly over them by laying hands on them.

When your spouse is strong and fresh spiritually, your marriage will be strengthened also.


Be Their Biggest Supporter

As I discussed under encouraging your spouse in a hobby or venture, be your spouse’s biggest supporter. No matter if it’s a hobby, a business venture, or anything for that matter.

Be their biggest supporter. Hold them up when they get tired. Cheer for them the loudest. My greatest memory from when my wife competed in figure competitions was when I was able to get the crowd going in an “Amber!” chant.

The crowd was electric, and to hear that many people cheering for her made her night. Be your spouse’s biggest supporter.


Be Their Biggest Critic

Now this one is tough, but be your spouse’s biggest critic. I’m not talking about being critical and nitpicking everything they do. I’m talking about constructive criticism, and stability.

I have an active imagination, and when I get my mind set on something I kind of obsess about it. My wife is often there to pull me out of the clouds.

While she supports me in all of my crazy ventures and ideas, she also helps me to think practically when my mind is at 42,000 feet. She is the one who proof reads my work here. She deletes commas, adds commas, rewords sentences, and on and on. She supports me while also being my critic to help me be better.

Be that supporter and critic, the rock, and also the one that pulls your spouse out of the clouds if they are like me. When you do this you make them be better.


In making your spouse better, you make your marriage better. Is this not the epitome of Matthew 7:12?

In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you.

Make your spouse the best they can be, because essentially isn’t that what we wan them to do for us? When you help your spouse be greater, your marriage is greater, and great marriages impact this world. Be one of those marriages that changes your world.


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