8 Ways To Be A Better Husband

Men you have a lot of roles to fill, but the most important role outside of Christ, is being a husband. Your job as a husband does not end. Once you make that vow, sign the dotted line, and slip that ring on responsibility goes to the next level. And, let’s face it we can all be better and do better. So, let’s just get down to it, here are 8 ways to be a better husband.

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Pray Over Your Wife Regularly

While your wife is your co-laborer through life, you hold that position as spiritual head. Being the spiritual head of your home is not something that you can or even should hold over your wife’s head, rather it is a great responsibility that still requires her input and support. You should also love your wife as Christ loved the Church. This spiritual responsibility to maintain these roles, requires your prayers over your wife. Speak peace and joy over her day. Pray that God would continue to illuminate His word to her as a means to strengthen her. Pray for God to give her vision and passion, and then help her fulfill it.


Help Her With Chores

I’ve touched on this before HERE, but get over there and help with some chores around the house. And, I’m not just talking about the “manly” chores like mowing the lawn or chopping firewood. Help her with laundry or dishes, even God forbid grabbing a rag and help her dust. Hey, and don’t do it wrong on purpose just to get out of doing it again later. Helping with chores is a way that you can serve your wife.


Speak Her Love Language

This is probably one of the more important ones. If you don’t know how to convey love to your wife in a way that she understands, her relational account is going to go bankrupt. Find out what her love language is, and speak it to her daily. Get the men’s addition of the 5 Love Languages, HERE. It is an easy read that will make a huge difference in your relationship.


Continue To Date Your Wife

Do not get complacent in your relationship. Date your spouse regularly. Private intimate time together is important. You need time without kids, phones, email, or work to talk and spend time together. Make it a regularly scheduled event. My wife and I make every Friday our date night. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, it just needs to be intentional. If its every week, or every other week, make it happen!


Photo Credit: jronaldlee via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: jronaldlee via Compfight cc

Continually Pursue Her

If your wife is anything like mine, or any other wife for that matter, she is probably not the same person today that she was when you first got married. This is why it is vital to be a student of your spouse. As a student you are always learning, always adapting, always growing. Continue to pursue her even as she changes throughout the years.


Listen More

Let’s face it we get distracted easily…very easily. In a day and age when we have 4000 t.v. channels, the internet available on our iphone, ipad, and laptop all at the same time, it can be easy to not give 100% attention to the things that matter the most. Give her your full attention when she is talking. Stop staring into that little blue screen, and stare into her eyes. Listening will help you be a better student of your wife. You will pick up on those little nuances of change, and not be blindsided by them later on.


Compliment Her Publicly

Every woman wants to be told they are beautiful. Let the world know how great your spouse is, how lucky you are, and how beautiful she is. It’s one thing to tell her in the privacy of your own home (which you should also be doing regularly), but it is a whole other thing to compliment her publicly. Compliment her on her beauty, her awesomeness as a mother, as a spouse, or on her intelligence. Whatever you compliment her on, just do it, and don’t be afraid to let others know how great and beautiful she is to you.


Kiss Her Everyday

Last, but certainly not least, kiss your wife everyday. I don’t just mean a peck on the lips in passing as you head to work, or when you get home. I mean lay one on her. I’m not saying you have to make out with her, (though there is nothing wrong with that either). But, kiss her passionately everyday. I don’t mean to pull this card, but let’s be honest it could be the last one you get/give. Life is too short to not kiss your wife passionately every day. I regularly dip my wife over and give her a big kiss, even if it’s at the store. It keeps the relationship alive.


All of this starts upstream in your personal development. If you are not growing in your personal life spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally, that will pour directly into your marriage. Your wife deserves a better you. Divorce rates are sitting at a staggering 50%, and many are from men who are failing or leaving their families. Don’t be that guy. So here it is gents, 8 ways to be a better husband. Get to it. Be a better you, and be a better husband.

What is one thing you can work on today to be a better husband? Share it in a comment below.

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