9 Things To Pray For Your Spouse Every Day

What To Pray When You Don't Know What To Pray

Praying for your spouse is not only a great way to strengthen your marriage, but also to strengthen your relationship with the Lord. It’s easy to pray for your spouse when there’s a big test, a job promotion on the line, or a difficult boss to deal with, but what about when everything seems to be going okay? Here are 9 things you can pray for your spouse every day.


Pray not only that your spouse is loved, but also that they feel love. You may love your spouse, but they may not “feel” loved if you are not speaking their love language. Pray that your spouse shows love to everyone they contact today, as well as being loved by others.



Pray that your spouse experiences pure unadulterated joy today. Let joy radiate from them. Pray that they have a joy that is contagious to those around them; that their smile brightens the day of those they encounter.



Pray that your spouse knows peace today. No matter if life is a storm right now, or everything seems to be going great, pray that your spouse understands the kind of peace surpasses all understanding.



Pray that your spouse would have patience in every situation that arises today whether it is with your children, their boss, or even with you. On the flip-side pray that your spouse would receive patience from those they interact with today.



Pray that your spouse finds ways to be kind to those around them throughout the day. Also, pray that they would receive kindness from those they encounter.



Pray that goodness is displayed in everything they put their hand to today. Pray they have no ulterior motives and no agenda as they work, serve, and interact with those around them. Pray also that goodness and mercy will follow them all day long (Psalm 23:6).



Pray that your spouse would be faithful to the Lord throughout the day. Ask the Lord to renew a steadfast spirit with them as they encounter the world today. Scripture tells us that the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour, and that he only comes to steal kill and destroy. Pray your spouse’s spirit is renewed and they remain faithful to their greater yes.



Pray that your spouse will be gentle with the world around them. This is similar, yet an offshoot of kindness and goodness. Gentleness is in regards to our presentation of kindness and goodness. Pray they present kindness and goodness to the world around them with an air of gentleness.


Self Control

In a world that is all about promoting the self, pray that your spouse has self-control. Pray they are able to control and crucify the self so that Christ can live through them.


You may recognize these 9 attributes as the fruit of the Spirit. When you do not know what to pray for your spouse, pray these 9 things over them. Pray that these fruit will be manifested in their life. None of these 9 attributes can be possessed by our own strength or ability. The only way to possess and portray them is through Christ’s life within us. This is why they are the fruit of the Spirit, not the fruit of John, or Susan, or Bill. They are the fruit of Christ’s life within us.

Pray that the life of Christ be released in your spouse everyday. Pray these 9 things over them day in and day out.


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