A Year Of Bible College For Less Than The Price Of One Class

A full bible and theology degree can be expensive. I’m talking in the $400-600 per hour range expensive. Trust me I know from experience. That puts a price tag of one three hour class anywhere from $1200-1800 each. What if you could get a year of bible college for less than the price of one class?


If you add together the cost of all of these courses below you run a grand total of $1,066. This is still cheaper than one three hour bible college class (at the lowest cost) by $134. You are getting the equivalent of one year of bible college (or more) for less than the price of one class!

I would hope that I wouldn’t have to say the following, but I will anyway. I do not necessarily approve of or agree with every word ever said or written by those providing the resources below. I didn’t agree with every word from my professors in Bible college either, but if we “throw the baby out with the bath water,” we will never get anywhere. I am sharing these as quality resources to help you further your Bible knowledge and walk with the Lord.


These first two resources are hosted by Frank Viola. I have mentioned him before, but he is a sort of spiritual mentor to Amber and I. The course is one of the driving factors that led to a our search into the deeper things of Christ and God’s eternal purpose. It also led to the naming and creation of this ministry.

The DCL Network is another resource Amber and I are a part of in which we learn more, and interact with other believers on the same journey to understanding God’s eternal purpose. Registration for both of these only opens a few times a year, so be sure to join the waiting lists.

Living By The Indwelling Life Of Christ Course $127

  • The course is made up of 10 audio messages containing almost 9 hours of in-depth instruction.

Deeper Christian Life Network – $199/year

  • There are currently over 30 audio lessons, plus the scriptural game changers, hot seat questions, monthly q&a, and a free ticket to the yearly conference.

These next ten resources are available from NT Wright Online and are open for registration any time. NT Wright is one of the top New Testament Bible scholars of today. His teaching is very in depth and each of these courses breaks down its course work into multiple lectures, and reading assignments. You will receive a certificate of completion when you finish the course and will have a greater understanding of scripture when you are through. You can follow the links below to see more about each course or register for a particular one. You can also view each course and read a short description of the course and the required reading HERE.


I encourage you to look into each of these resources. Never grow stagnant in your walk with the Lord. If you invest in all of these resources it will still be cheaper than one course at a bible college. You will receive top notch teaching and discipleship from two of today’s most knowledgable and influential teachers.

Have you taken any of these courses? Let me know your thoughts below.


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