I would like to offer a select few spots to help you promote your work, book, or ministry. Let’s partner together and make this a win-win situation. Every potential ad must meet the rules and terms mentioned at the bottom of the page.


Option 1

This option will feature a 1200 x 100 banner ad at the very top of any of the following high-traffic posts for an entire year (365 days). The post will also feature a unique “sponsored post” heading.

** Please Note**

These options below are only superseded in height placement if someone choses the whole site sponsorship (WSS) option. Their WSS banner will rest just above any of the below options for their sponsorship month. There are two reasons for this:

  1. The higher premium.
  2. The coding for that option overrides any other internal placements.

These posts get strong organic traffic everyday because they rank very high in Google searches. They are arranged by highest traffic.






Whole Site Sponsorship (WSS) $699/mo

This will place a 1200×100 banner ad above every article on the site.

This ad will sit above any banner ad for an individually sponsored article mentioned above.

I will also post an announcement at the beginning of the month recognizing your sponsorship for the month, with up to a 250-word introduction/excerpt promoting your ministry, book, or business. This excerpt is provided by you. The announcement will remain on the site even after your month has ended, providing you with continued connection and link back after your month is over.


Option 2

A 350 x 240 ad in the right hand side bar

In addition to your ad here, I will share your link 2 times in a month on my Facebook and Twitter. You are responsible to pick the days and times and content.









  • $45/mo
  • $225 for 6 months (Save $45)
  • 1 slot available

Rules and Terms:

  • You are responsible for providing your own ad image/banner, and the appropriate link you would like it to point to. If at anytime your link changes, it is your responsibility to provide an updated URL.
  • Sites cannot contain any crude or offensive material. If any any time this changes during the course of your sponsored ad, your link and ad will be removed from this site.
  • Living By Christ and make no guarantees for traffic generated from ads.
  • Email me with inquiries containing: your option choice, potential ad, potential link, and desired number of month(s).
  • Every request for advertising partnership must be approved prior payment and to placement on the site.
  • After you receive approval, you will be sent a Paypal link for the appropriate sponsorship level.
  • 1 month constitutes 31 days. The first day ad appears on site through the 31st day. You will have the option to renew your spot before it is removed.