“On The Importance Of Labels When It Comes To Radical Islam”
by Tom Walter (Eeklee Media)

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The Daily Take With Tom Walter
June 20, 2016

In this podcast episode I am interviewed by Tom Walter of The Daily Take Podcast about the importance of labeling ISIS as radical Islam. Here is my original post on Facebook that prompted this interview.

Today Obama made an announcement saying it makes no difference if he calls them radical Muslims, but the truth is it does. Why is it important that Obama label ISIS as radical Islam? Here’s why: a name tells us everything. That’s why we remember names like Washington, Lincoln, Bush, Clinton, Nixon, and on and on. Those names bring to mind specific understandings.

This is why we don’t just remember Indians, but rather names like the Sioux Indians for instance who were murdered at wounded knee.

We didn’t fight against all Germans in the world wars. We fought against radical Germans. We called them by their name: Natzi’s.

You see, to defeat an enemy you have to think like your enemy. To think like your enemy you have to know his name so you can understand his way of thinking. We aren’t fighting against a gang. We aren’t fighting against the Italian, Russian, or Mexican mafia. We aren’t fighting against a world super power.

We are fighting a small group of radicals who have a distorted understanding and view of a religious text. This is what drives them. (Similar to the KKK in Christianity; a skewed view of a religious text.)

We don’t fight against all of Islam. Most Muslims desire to live in peace, but there is a small percentage that seek blood and destruction. Those are the radical Islamists. They are hell bent on an ideology that calls for blood.

Again, We don’t fight against all Muslims, just as we did not fight against all of Germany. We fight against those that desire to do harm. We fight against those who seek death and destruction, and those are the radical Muslims who have pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Until we call our enemy by his name, we will fail in our fight against him because we seek to protect him from “bad labels.”