Can God Trust You?

How many times have you prayed for something and it seems as if God has failed to even acknowledge that you breathed the words? I know I have many times. One particular instance stands out for sure and it changed not only my thinking, but my actions as well. Join me as I share a story of how a truck opened my eyes to God’s trust in me.


When I was younger every vehicle I had was older and typically broken in one way or another. The truck I had at the time of this revelation was a ’91 extended cab Chevy pickup. It was actually an old farmer’s truck with fairly low miles for the how old it was. It wasn’t too bad.

I had driven it for a number of years, when finally its age began to catch up with it. It began with one repair. Then two, and on it seemed to go. I began praying for the Lord to provide a new vehicle, or for funding to afford a new one.

One day as I left our North Austin apartment, I took my normal route to work. I pulled up to a stop sign, which coincidentally happened to be the same stop sign I had previously received a ticket for “failing to make a complete stop” at. As I approached the stop sign I was praying about getting a new vehicle that was more reliable.

The Lord revealed a very predominant revelation to me. I felt in my Spirit the Lord say,

How can I trust you with a new vehicle, when I can’t trust you with this one?


You see I was a speeder. Way worse than I am now. Well, really I was just a bad driver over all, and I didn’t take that great of care of my truck. The Lord’s question hit me like a ton of bricks! How could he trust me with a newer vehicle, when He couldn’t even trust me with the old busted one I had?

From that moment on I began changing my driving habits, and the care of my vehicle. (Not perfection, just improved and more mindful). Some time later, the Lord opened the door for me to get a new truck. It was the nicest vehicle I had ever owned, and I still have that truck today. I still look at it and remember this story.

So my question for you today is,

Can God trust you?


Have you been praying for something, and you haven’t received it? Maybe it’s a new car, more money, or a bigger house. Maybe the delay in receiving something new, or better is because God can’t trust you with it just yet. Are you properly stewarding the gifts He has already given you?


From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more. –Luke 12:48


  • You want a promotion at work – Are you going to your current position and working as if working for the Lord, being joyful, and the best employee you can be?
  • You want more money – Are you properly stewarding the finances the Lord has already given you, or are you mindlessly spending and hoarding it for yourself?
  • You want a bigger or better house – Are you currently taking care of the one you have right now? Maintenance, care, and upkeep?
  • You want a new car – Do you currently drive the one you have recklessly? Do you take care of the regular maintenance?

Don’t get me wrong here. I am by no means perfect in these. My story that I shared above was a very eye opening experience into stewarding what God has given me.

I believe I received the promotion I just got at work, not because I am qualified for the position, but because I go to work and work for the Lord. He planted me there, and I work hard with a joyful attitude. (Yes, I have hard and bad days, but they are the exception rather than the rule.)


So, my question is, Can God trust you with that next thing you desire?

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