A Change Of Possession

Guest Post by: R.C. Babione

Have you ever stopped to consider all the various things we own or claim to own? For instance, I live in my house (ok, my fifth wheel camper), I drive my truck, and I smoke my pipe. I will spend my money, on my wife, in an attempt to show her my love. Now, for the record, I would never claim to own my wife (or my money), but she isn’t your wife nor his wife nor anybody else’s wife; she’s my wife. So, while I may not be implying ownership, there is still an element of possession.

The Way Of The Cross

Guest Post By: Amber Passini

Seasons of life have a way of crippling you. In fact, we don’t sign up for them willfully. And we rail against them, sometimes coming to a point of blaming the Lord for our bad luck. I’ve been there. I AM there. Truly it’s been a season of great heartache for me, and I can tell you it tested me unlike any trial I’ve ever endured.

4 Actions Every Child Should Observe From A Healthy Marriage

Guest Post by: Jeremiah Bartlett

Have you ever surfed the internet by typing random words into a search engine to see what imagery or sites pop up? It can be interesting to say the least. I decided to type in the word marriage.

This was not random. I wanted to see what my favorite search engine thought was relevant. Immediately, hundreds of pictures loaded showing happy people, hands locked, kissing, and holding each other tightly. Upon a quick scroll the images began to change.


Guest Post By: Mark Lake of Experiencing Christ

Today’s post is a guest post from Mark Lake. Mark hails from Florida, and I have had the opportunity to connect with him through The Deeper Christian Life Network and social media. You can find Mark and his writings at marklake.org where he discusses finding yourself in Jesus not religion, and pursuing the deeper things of Christ.

Today Mark brings a powerful reminder of Christ as our source and our satisfaction. After you read it hop over and check out some of Mark’s other writings.