I Need Heeeelllpppp

Ever notice how kids are not ashamed to ask for help? Then we grow up and get hard headed, and we lose that willingness to seek help. Jesus taught us an amazing lesson in saying, “unless you become like a child” (Matt. 18:3). How often do we resist asking for help to only suffer alone? Here’s a funny story about asking for help, and the powerful lesson from a little boy.

Don’t Rob Me Of My Blessing

Have you even been offered a gift that just seemed too good? Maybe it was someone’s time, a financial gift, or a material possession. Whatever it was you just couldn’t get yourself to accept it. But did you ever think you might be robbing someone else of his or her blessing by refusing it?

Freedoms In Christ

Guest Post By: Mark Lake

Today’s post is a guest article written by Mark Lake. Mark is a brother in Christ who lives in Florida, and you can find more of his writings over at 3rdrace.org. Today Mark expounds on an article from last week pertaining to our God given rights. He unravels Galatians 5 and sheds a new light on it. I pray it blesses you. Leave him a comment below to let him know your thoughts. 

Do We Really Have God Given Rights?

It’s often touted by Americans that we have certain God given rights. Our constitution says so, right?! The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As Americans we have the right to freedom of speech, to own a gun, and the right vote. But are these really “God given” rights?

It’s Not About You

Even before you were a twinkle in your mother’s eye, mankind has been under constant spiritual attack. Since we have generated a mindset of personal salvation, a personal savior, and my church, we have personalized our spiritual problems as well. While those attacks are more intense than one can imagine at times, the truth is, it’s not about you. 

4 Leadership Principles From The Greatest Leader That Ever Lived

Leadership today has turned into a multi-layered, multi-billion dollar industry. You can get degrees, go to seminars, read books, or watch YouTube lessons on how to be the world’s best leader in theory. But leadership isn’t about theory; it’s about experiential relationships. The greatest leader that ever lived gave us four principles for leadership that cross the membranes of family, business, and community to leave lasting impact and change.

Practice The Presence

How would your life and spiritual walk look different if Jesus physically walked and talked with you every day; everywhere you went? Not only would it make a significant difference in the way you spoke and acted, but I believe your entire outlook on following Christ would be dramatically different. One secret to a deeper Christian walk is to practice the presence.