Some Days The Spirit Wins, Some Days The Flesh Wins

3 Ways To Overcome The Flesh

Everyday there is a spiritual battle taking place behind the scenes of your life. Some days you will be highly cognizant of it, while on other occasions it will be as subtle as a morning sun moving on the horizon. That battle is between the flesh and spirit. Some days the spirit wins, and some days the flesh wins. The other day I had one of those days where the flesh won out. I’m not proud of this, but it became one of those teaching moments in the Spirit, that I pray will help you as it did me.

My Utmost For His Highest Devotional (1935)

My Utmost for His Highest is a daily devotional by Oswald Chambers that compiles his Christian preaching to students and soldiers. The book was first published in 1935. This timeless devotional has been read by Christians for years. Each day Chambers provides a deep spiritual lesson that is sure to challenge you and give you greater insight into life with our Lord.

God’s Favorite Place On Earth (David C Cook, 2013)

“God’s Favorite Place on Earth is a retelling of Jesus’ many visits to Bethany and a relaying of the message it holds for us today. Frank Viola presents a beautifully crafted narrative from the viewpoint of Lazarus, one of the people who lived in Bethany with his two sisters. This incomparable story not only brings the Gospel narratives to life, but it addresses the struggle against doubt, discouragement, fear, guilt, rejection, and spiritual apathy that challenges countless Christians today. In profoundly moving prose, God’s Favorite Place on Earth will captivate your heart with its beauty, charm, and depth. In this book you will discover how to live as a “Bethany” in our world today, being set free to love and follow Jesus like never before.” – God’s Favorite Place Amazon Page

Frank Considers this his best work and I would have to agree.