Practice The Presence

How would your life and spiritual walk look different if Jesus physically walked and talked with you every day; everywhere you went? Not only would it make a significant difference in the way you spoke and acted, but I believe your entire outlook on following Christ would be dramatically different. One secret to a deeper Christian walk is to practice the presence.

Does Exposure Equal Empowerment?

This is another great guest post by my wife, Amber Passini, and it is specifically geared toward female readers. In a world that sexualizes and pornifies everything, she directly addresses the issue of modesty and female empowerment. Give it a read and share your comments below.

10 Lessons I’ve Learned In 20 Years Of Serving The Lord

Yesterday marked a significant milestone in my life and my walk with the Lord. I have been thinking about this article since the beginning of the year, and I can’t believe it is finally here. Yesterday, on July 16, 2017 I passed the milestone of serving the Lord for 20 years. Here’s what that journey has looked like and 10 of the most important lessons I’ve learned so far.

The Lawn We Call Life

Have you ever driven in to one of those communities where every lawn looks like it should be featured in a magazine? I love them and I hate them. I love them because I love lush grass, but I “hate” them because I have lots of weeds in my yard. Our faith, our lives, and the church are quite like those lawns.

What’s Your Agenda?

I think it’s safe to say we can sense a salesman a mile away. That’s why used car salesmen get such a bad rap. They have an agenda. They want to sell you a car. They want to conquer the customer; to win the sale. After recently shopping for a new car for my wife, we got to experience this first hand for the first time in almost a decade. Too often I have seen Christians with an agenda like a used car salesman. Are you loving people just to love them, or do you have an agenda?

Once You Learn How To Die, You Learn How To Live

Life and death stand in stark contradiction to each other. The thought of dying so that you can live is a contradiction that surpasses many other spiritual paradoxes. Our mind and body is designed with a natural instinct called self preservation where it doesn’t want to die, but once you learn how to die, you […]

Before It’s Too Late

Guest Post By Amber Passini

Today has been hard. It’s one of those days I get caught up remembering the past…and feeling condemned by it. My grandmother passed away almost two years ago on August 5, 2015. She was 91 years old.

What Are You Wearing?!

Have you ever seen a family member, friend, or complete stranger wearing an outfit that makes no sense at all? The clothes don’t match, they’re too big, or a combination of the two. The only thing you can think to yourself or say to them, is What are you wearing? In living out your unique calling, are you trying to wear someone else’s clothes?

You Fight Like You Train

When you face trials, temptations, hardships, or even “death valley,” there are times when you win, and times when you fail. I know there are plenty that I have failed myself, and lessons that have been on repeat for years. Is it more than just failing in the moment, or is it the result of what you did (or did not do) before that moment came? When those spiritual battles come, the most important lesson to remember is: you fight like you train.