We Were Never Called To Be Counter Cultural

We can debate for days when Christianity began to take that deep dive into a lack of influence. We can ramble statistics, point to a presidency, or even start blaming society for the downward spiral of our cultural influence. For as long as I can remember, all I have heard from the Church is “counter-cultural this” and “we need to stand counter-culturally against that.” Did we ever stop to think that all this counter cultural mumbo jumbo is actually hurting our message of the grace of God, rather than helping it? The truth is we were never called to be counter-cultural. We were called for something else.

JSL: Jesus As A Second Language

Recently I began working for a company to teach English to children in China. In the educational realm it is referred to as an ESL teacher, or English as a second language. Going through the application process taught me a lot about the way we talk and how it impacts how others hear and interpret what we are saying.

The Shepherd’s Tone

Recently the movie Dunkirk came out in theaters and there is a continual feeling of suspense that seems to take place in the movie. This is because of a very peculiar musical technique called a “Shepard’s tone.” While I have yet to see the movie, I came across a video explaining this intriguing phenomenon, and was immediately impressed with the Spiritual parallel.

The Lawn We Call Life

Have you ever driven in to one of those communities where every lawn looks like it should be featured in a magazine? I love them and I hate them. I love them because I love lush grass, but I “hate” them because I have lots of weeds in my yard. Our faith, our lives, and the church are quite like those lawns.

Christ In The Canyon: The Ram

Christ is everywhere. You can see Him in all things, if only you will look. Recently while out hiking and exploring in Palo Duro Canyon my wife and I had the opportunity to see an Aoudad. It was pretty exciting since we hadn’t seen one before. The Aoudad is a spectacular creature able to survive in harsh climates and difficult terrains. As we continue exploring Christ in the Canyon, I want to share with you Christ as the ram in the canyon.

Christ In The Canyon: The Path

The immensity of the canyon surrounds you. You look at the walls of rock and stone, and bask in the glorious light of the Son as it floods the canyon. Which way do you go? How do you know the right way? As we continue the series of Christ in the canyon, and exploring Christ in nature, today we will look at the Path.

Christ In The Canyon: The Light

As you walk through the canyon you can’t help but take in the surroundings. The canyon’s immensity and beauty that surround you are only realized because of the light. In the third part of this series on Christ in the canyon, we unravel Christ as the light.

Christ In The Canyon: The Rock

Christ is everywhere. We can see Him in all things, if only we will look. This creation is a shadow of His very being. Last week we began this series and explored Christ in the Canyon and Christ as the canyon itself. This week let’s look at Christ in the canyon as the rock.

Christ In The Canyon: The Canyon

Christ is everywhere. We can see Him in all things, if only we will look. We all know that the Grand Canyon is the largest canyon in the United States. It’s little brother, Palo Duro Canyon, is right in my “backyard.” My wife and I have been visiting it quite often recently, and as I’ve looked around I see Christ everywhere. This series will be my attempt to illuminate Christ throughout the canyon for you.