Will We Be Married In Heaven?

Marriage In Light Of Eternity

With divorce rates at roughly 50 percent in America, and those marriages lasting on average only 8.2 years, it’s hard to even imagine being married for eternity. It does make you stop and wonder what will happen with you and your spouse around the throne though. So at the asking of a reader, I want to tackle the question: “Is marriage eternal?” Or to put it another way, “Will Christians be married in Heaven?”

There’s A Woman, Have You Seen Her?

There’s a beautiful woman standing there, and the eyes of eternity are upon her. She is the only vision in the eyes of the King. She is more precious than jewels. Her name is whispered across the pages of holy script. Have you seen her? Today I share a piece of poetry that was burdened on my heart last week. I sat and fleshed it out on paper and this is the work that came forth describing the bride that stands as Christ awaits her hand.

Have We Forgotten God’s Holiness?

There has been a major movement within the body of Christ that tends to assume one position when we enter into God’s presence. That position is to enter God’s presence with confidence, or boldness. The problem arises when we neglect the flip side to that coin. Entering God’s presence also involves stepping in to the presence of a Holy and righteous God. Sometimes it seems as though we have forgotten God’s holiness.

13 Uncommon Lessons from Exodus

The book of Exodus is one of those books that we learn about in Sunday school when we learn all about Moses, his time in the desert, leading the children of Israel out of captivity, and the parting of the Red Sea. This is many times the extent of our understanding of the book, but what if there was to the book than that? Many years ago I sat down to study Exodus in a way to find uncommon lessons. These lessons were written in a journal and have been stored on the shelf. Today I share with you some of those lessons. Here are 13 uncommon lessons from the book of Exodus.

Christ In The Canyon: The Path

The immensity of the canyon surrounds you. You look at the walls of rock and stone, and bask in the glorious light of the Son as it floods the canyon. Which way do you go? How do you know the right way? As we continue the series of Christ in the canyon, and exploring Christ in nature, today we will look at the Path.

Christ In The Canyon: The Canyon

Christ is everywhere. We can see Him in all things, if only we will look. We all know that the Grand Canyon is the largest canyon in the United States. It’s little brother, Palo Duro Canyon, is right in my “backyard.” My wife and I have been visiting it quite often recently, and as I’ve looked around I see Christ everywhere. This series will be my attempt to illuminate Christ throughout the canyon for you.