How Do We Know God Exists?

The 4 Major Arguments For The Existence Of God

How do we know that God exists? Honestly we have no definitive proof of God’s existence. Yep, you read that right. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. We have scripture that is the definitive source for believers, but if you believe the Bible, then you are already under the presumption that there is a God. What we have outside of the Bible are 4 major arguments for the existence of God. I believe that every believer should know these to better be able to defend their faith in a world with increasing unbelief in the existence of God.

How To Read And Study Your Bible Like A Pro

Reading and studying the Bible can be a daunting task if you are unfamiliar with it. Yes, plenty of people have read their Bibles for hundreds of years, and had no problem…or so they thought. The problem that exists is that most people have a surface understanding of scripture and what it means for Christ followers. If you want to take your Bible study to a whole new level, you have come to the right place. Today I want to share with you some tips and resources on how to read and study your Bible like a pro.

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Your identity often depends on whom you talk to. To those that dislike you they may slander your name, and to those that love you they may praise you. Who people say you are determines how the world perceives you. The world perceives Christ the same way, based on who you say He is. I believe He asks us the same question He asked Peter, “Who do you say that I am?”

The Truth About Why Jesus Was Crucified

We often look at the Gospels and the story of Jesus through our paradigm of comfortable modern American society, but the truth is Jesus was a Jew, and a first century Jew at that. Outside of the theological and prophetic scriptures pointing towards his crucifixion for forgiveness of sins, let’s look at what drove him to the cross. Here is the truth about why Jesus was crucified.

I saw a quote the other day that really stirred this message in me. It said something along the lines that if Jesus had preached the message that is preached today he would never have been crucified.

While this statement is true in partiality in dismisses a great matter of theological context for scripture by saying if we preach love or grace we have failed at preaching the gospel. Here are three of the main reasons why Jesus was crucified.