How Can The Church Use Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality?

Look around you. Technology is everywhere. From ovens with WiFi, to home security controlled from you cell phone, and even cars that park themselves. It’s seems like everyday some new incredible technological advancement is on the market to make our lives interesting or easier. There are certain technologies that used to be only seen in movies, but are quickly on the rise. How will the Church utilize virtual reality and augmented to help advance the Kingdom?

Reclaim The Table

Did you know that nearly half of parents say they share fewer meals with their family than when they were growing up? Can you guess the number one cause? Technology. The table used to play a much more important role in our homes. Unfortunately, for many, we have let the table lose that place, and it’s time to reclaim the table.

We Were Never Called To Be Counter Cultural

We can debate for days when Christianity began to take that deep dive into a lack of influence. We can ramble statistics, point to a presidency, or even start blaming society for the downward spiral of our cultural influence. For as long as I can remember, all I have heard from the Church is “counter-cultural this” and “we need to stand counter-culturally against that.” Did we ever stop to think that all this counter cultural mumbo jumbo is actually hurting our message of the grace of God, rather than helping it? The truth is we were never called to be counter-cultural. We were called for something else.

10 Topics The Church Should Be Discussing, But Isn’t

The church today is standing before a technological landscape like it has never faced before. Technology, medicine, and science are accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Like Cortez, Lewis and Clark, Columbus, and countless other explorers we must face the uncharted technological wilderness that lies before us in the years and decades ahead.

Do We Really Have God Given Rights?

It’s often touted by Americans that we have certain God given rights. Our constitution says so, right?! The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As Americans we have the right to freedom of speech, to own a gun, and the right vote. But are these really “God given” rights?

Judas: Worst Betrayal Or Biggest Sacrifice?

Today’s post is a little different from my other articles, because we are going to have a little fun. We’re going to get your mind thinking. With that said, we often think of Judas as the disciple who betrayed Jesus. But what if instead he actually made the biggest sacrifice?

4 Leadership Principles From The Greatest Leader That Ever Lived

Leadership today has turned into a multi-layered, multi-billion dollar industry. You can get degrees, go to seminars, read books, or watch YouTube lessons on how to be the world’s best leader in theory. But leadership isn’t about theory; it’s about experiential relationships. The greatest leader that ever lived gave us four principles for leadership that cross the membranes of family, business, and community to leave lasting impact and change.

The 10 E’s Of A Thriving Family

The family unit has been under attack well, since the dawn of man’s existence. So what do we do to help families thrive in a world that seems set to see them fail? Follow these ten rules, and I believe you will be on your way to building a thriving family unit.