A Grief Observed (HarperSanFrancisco, 1961)

In this short yet powerful book CS Lewis shares the pages of his diary following the loss of his beloved wife. You see the struggles of faith from a man who stood as a theological giant of his day. The story is real. The message is raw. You will feel the pain he felt, but you will feel the resurgence of faith the Lewis found as well.

If It’s Not On Facebook It Didn’t Happen

Doing Good And The Weight Of The Christian Expectation

It’s apparent social media plays a pretty big role in modern society. It’s how we connect, voice our opinions, share personal moments, and to some it has become another means of weight upon the shoulders of the body of Christ. It has become a yoke of heavy burden, just like that of the Pharisees, because if you didn’t put it on Facebook it never happened. Let me explain.

27 Of The Best Frank Viola Quotes

Frank Viola has become a spiritual mentor and friend to Amber and myself. After having obtained both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in theology, Frank was the first one to introduce me to God’s eternal purpose. I have been forever smitten by it. It has turned my thinking, my theology, and my life upside down. I began with his work Pagan Christianity, but soon dove into his deeper works that unraveled God’s Eternal Purpose, and the magnificence of our Lord. Below you will find a collection of 27 Frank Viola quotes that are sure to spur you on to greater depths in Jesus Christ.

How To Deal With Negative People

I’m sure we all know that one person (or a few) that seems to always have a negative attitude and mindset. It doesn’t matter how great a situation is, they will find something to complain about. You could be handing out free money and they would complain that you didn’t give to everyone, or it wasn’t enough to actually do anything with. How do you handle these kinds of people? Here’s how to deal with negative people.

Tuesdays With Morrie: An Old Man, A Young Man, And Life’s Greatest Lesson (1997)

The true story of Mitch Albom who reconnects with his dying professor, Morrie. This book is the result of their talks each Tuesday leading up to Morrie’s death. Each week they discuss valuable life lessons, and the things that really matter. An easy read that will help you focus on what’s most important in life.