What is coaching?

We see examples of coaching, mentoring, and counsel scattered throughout scripture from Genesis to Revelation.

  • Jethro and Moses
  • Elijah and Elisha
  • Jesus and his disciples
  • Barnabas and Paul
  • Paul and Timothy

Business Dictionary defines coaching as:

Extending traditional training methods to include focus on: 

  1. an individual’s needs and accomplishments, 
  2. close observation, and 
  3. impartial and non-judgmental feedback on performance.


Coaching for me, is an opportunity to help individuals and couples move past a current sticking point to find greater success, build better relationships, and ultimately fulfill their role in God’s purpose in their life.

I began coaching as a personal trainer. Not only was I able to coach individuals on physical fitness, but we accomplished mental, emotional, and relational fitness as well. It has been a pleasure helping clients from all walks of life achieve greater success in their life and relationships during our sessions.

I pair these years of coaching with my experience doing pastoral counseling in churches, as well as my college degrees. I hold a Bachelors degree in Church Ministries with a specialization in Christian Education, and a Master’s degree in Theological studies. I am currently pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry (D.Min.) in Semiotics and Future Studies.

With this in mind, I approach coaching with a threefold methodology:

  1. pastoral counseling (exploring and unpacking),
  2. mentoring (showing & explaining), and
  3. coaching (equipping & empowering).
There is not a set in stone steps 1, 2, 3 process. Some sessions focus more on one area than another while others may be a conglomeration of two or even all three.
My overall goal is to look for an effective process of soul-care and spiritual formation.


Why Coaching?

Even the best need a coach at times. That’s why we see businessmen and women, couples, college students, and even professional athletes hire coaches to help them in countless areas of life.

I am here to help whether you are working to:

  • Get out of a funk in your life or your marriage,
  • Gain clarity on an area of your life
  • Go deeper in your walk with the Lord
  • Prepare for a new marriage
  • Overcome an obstacle
  • Go to the next level in your life or relationship
  • Gain freedom and accountability from addiction

My goal is to provide you with long term sustainable success in your life, marriage, health and wellness, and walk with the Lord. I’m not just using book knowledge and experience. I will use the greatest teacher of all, the Holy Spirit.


My goal is to be a conduit of His teaching to speak into your life so you can gain clarity, overcome obstacles, have a thriving marriage, and leave a lasting impact on your world.

I want to help you take the next step through deep listening, powerful questions, and consistent prayer and support.

If you think this is something you would benefit from, choose a primary category below to learn more.



In my opinion and based on my personal experience, coaching provides a person with the opportunity to take himself beyond what he is able to accomplish on his own – and to endure a level of pain that is only tolerable in the presence of someone who has experienced it and can lead you through it Daniel Passini exceeded ALL my expectations.

I was looking for physical growth, physical strength, physical discipline. Daniel opened those doors for me, led me through them and slammed them behind me – thank God! But, more than that, he led me on an incredible journey I had never before embarked upon.

The mental and spiritual discipline that he wove into our time together was completely unexpected, thoroughly enjoyable and, in the end, an indescribable and indispensable dimension that I will carry with me forever. Thank you Daniel. Greg B.

I’ve known Daniel as a fitness trainer and spiritual leader. I’ve been blessed by his knowledge and guidance in both. And while it wasn’t always what I wanted to do or wanted to hear, it was what I NEEDED to do or NEEDED to hear to develop, both physically and spiritually.Tori K.



Is this counseling or coaching?

  • Legally, this is not counseling. I am not licensed as a counselor in any US state. Although, whether we engage in marriage coaching or life coaching, my services offer pastoral style insight, Biblical counseling, and Christ centered coaching. I work with individuals or couples to equip them with Biblical principles, insight, and guidance to gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and leave a lasting impact. If higher level professional licensed counseling or psychiatric help is needed I will refer you to a more qualified individual.

What’s a session like?

  • A typical session is roughly an hour via phone call, Skype, or if you live locally we can meet in person. On occasion we may go over an hour at no extra charge to you. If we meet locally, we can meet in our home, a coffee shop, or a park, although the surroundings may provide distractions, so keep that in mind.
  • You decide on the topic for the session. If possible, I prefer to be notified of the topic 24-48 hours prior to a session in order to pray over it and think about what we can do to help you. Then through active listening and powerful questions you should walk away with clarity, an action plan, insight, or any combination or more. The best way to understand a coaching session is to try one.

Is coaching for me?

  • I think that anyone or any couple can benefit from coaching. Anyone who is feeling stuck; anyone who needs clarity; anyone who is contemplating next steps; anyone who desires deeper spiritual insight; or any couple who desires to build a thriving marriage. Anyone can benefit from coaching. However, here are two questions to consider in order to maximize the experience.
  1. Are you willing to do the work?
  2. Are you able to be open and transparent with your coach?
  • If you answered ‘yes’ to these two questions then I think you’re ready for coaching!

How much does it cost?

  •  If you are interested in life or spiritual coaching, marriage/pre-marriage coaching, or health and wellness coaching click the appropriate category below to find out more.

You’re a Christian, how can you charge for this?

  • There are actually a few reasons I charge for my services. First, I am a firm believer that if it doesn’t cost you anything, it has no value to you. Second, I do not work for any church or organization, and I offer my services independently. Third, this is how I support my family. Scripture tells us, “The laborer is worthy of his wages.” (Luke 10:7; 1 Timothy 5:18) I offer many services and tools for free. You can also read a great article an this topic HERE.