DCLN 2017 Conference Review

My wife and I just returned from the second Deeper Christian Life Conference of 2017 in Orlando, Florida. It was a great time of learning, fellowship, and encouragement. Here are some of my thoughts and takeaways from it.


For those of you who don’t know, the Deeper Christian Life Network (DCLN) is an online mentoring network hosted by author and speaker Frank Viola. My wife and I consider him one of our spiritual mentors.

The network started in 2015, and this year Frank hosted the second annual conference. The conference is not open to the public, but is made available to members of the network.

If you desire to go deeper in your walk with the Lord, I highly recommend joining. I have had the privilege of connecting with some incredible people from all over the globe on the DCLN. (And for the record, I get no kickback for promoting the network or the conference. I just love it that much!)

You can read my interview with Frank from the initial launch of the network to learn more.

To save you time reading I won’t reiterate the cost, location, and set up of the conference because it was the same as last year. You can read about it in my 2016 review.

Now, on to this year’s conference.


The Experience

We began each session by singing a few songs a cappella glorifying Christ and worshiping Him; no bands or flashy lights, just good old-fashioned singing. It was some of the most enriching, refreshing, and edifying worship I’ve been a part of. After this we moved into the teaching time.

The theme for this year was the Kingdom of God, and its pertinence to the eternal purpose of God. I had never heard the Kingdom of God unraveled and taught in this way. It is typically approached from the perspective of fulfilling the great commission, but Frank revealed it in light of God’s eternal purpose.

There were 8 total sessions: two each morning and two each evening, with an exercise between each couplet of sessions, as well as another during the afternoon break.

Another amazing aspect of this year’s conference were some spontaneous baptisms that took place in the hotel pool. After receiving a fresh revelation of the Kingdom of God, 9 people were baptized Saturday afternoon. Nine! We were told you could hear our celebration on the 10th floor of the hotel.


Why you should go

The sessions are recorded and added to the network along with other material that will comprise a master class. This is great, because it refreshes the material and revelation in your spirit when you get to hear it again. We are creatures of forgetfulness, so repetition, repetition, repetition.

So why should you go to the conference then?

Good question. Think of it this way. You can listen to a “live” album of a band like, let’s say, U2. While it’s good to listen to, this “live album” will never compare to standing in the stadium and watching them perform live.

The conference is more than just listening to Frank teach. It is an entire experience. You are gathered with believers from literally around the globe, who also desire the deep riches of our Lord. Connections are created, and friendships are forged.

You have exercises or assignments that you do with people at your table that expound on what the lesson was over. These assignments help to reveal even more facets of the Lord, because you are edified by members of the Body from every different walk of life: race, economic, age, social status, Christian heritage, and culture.

Plus, you have the in-between time.

Let’s put it this way, we had lunch for two and a half hours on Friday with five of us discussing the Lord while we ate. It was refreshing and energizing to sit at a table with a group of saints who believed and thought differently (sometimes at complete opposite ends of the spectrum), but we had one underlying commonality.

We all loved the Lord deeply and we wanted others to know Him that deeply as well. My weeping prophet side came out many times.

Saturday night we sat up after the evening sessions until 12:30 (another over two hours time period) discussing the Lord with some friends. Again, it was enriching and glorious.

These are just a couple of examples. It doesn’t include our dinners and other conversations throughout the days and evenings.

All of these ingredients mixed together are what make this conference so spiritually edifying.

Read Frank’s Conference report and other testimonials.


I will finish up with this same statement from last years review. This conference was once again refreshing. I am normally worn out completely when I get home from a weekend like this, but with the intentional breaks, and I believe the complete Christ centered focus, I am actually refreshed and feel great. “His yoke is easy and his burden is light.”

Overall I believe the Deeper Christian Life Network Conference of 2017 was an overwhelming success not only for the individuals who attended, but more importantly for the kingdom of God. I highly encourage any follower of Jesus who desires to know their Lord greater to join this network. The free ticket to the conference is worth the membership price alone.


I guarantee that if you attend this conference via joining the network, you will walk away enriched, challenged, and loving the Lord in a greater capacity. I hope to see you there.


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