This one is short, sweet, and to the point.

Do not let the word divorce be a part of your vocabulary, is the bonus in our list of 12 ways to divorce proof your marriage.

We discussed a few weeks ago about how it is important to never speak negatively about your spouse to others. In that article we discussed the power of your words, what affect they have on each other, and what the Bible says concerning the power of your words. Refer to that article for information on that.

Now that we have discussed how you talk about your spouse to others, lets understand how you talk to each other. The same information presented previously, applies to how we speak to our own spouses. Your words affect each other. They cut deeper because of the intimacy of the relationship.

If you want to divorce proof your marriage, you have to take the word divorce and any of its derivatives out of your vocabulary. If you are constantly thinking, speaking and/or threatening divorce, it is inevitably going to happen.

You have to choose to take it out of your vocabulary. Simple enough, yet difficult.

If you want to divorce proof your marriage, don’t make divorce an option.TWEET THIS

(Please note, as I have discussed before, there are grounds for divorce. If you or a child are in a physical or sexually abusive situation get out immediately. Infidelity, while it has a Biblical grounds for divorce, I have known people that have worked through it to have a healthy productive marriage. It comes down to a personal choice for that one.)

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