Easter Every Day

Every year around this time thousands, nay millions, gather to celebrate Easter. We remember the gruesome death He endured and His glorious resurrection He proclaimed would follow, but this isn’t just some annual memorial service we participate in. We should be living Easter everyday.


Think about this for a minute–the God and creator of the universe made Himself incarnate through the Son. His resurrection life now dwells within every believer via the Holy Spirit because of that death and resurrection that we celebrate each spring.

Yet, we wait until Easter baskets are stacked ten deep and twenty wide at every shopping venue filled with trinkets, candies, and plastic grass until we decide it’s time to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Christ gave us life so that we may have life more abundant. The life inside us from His resurrection is a fount of living water for a dry and thirsty world. This resurrection life that now indwells us also empowers us and calls us to impact this world for the Kingdom of God. We are ambassadors for a Kingdom that is coming.

Easter happens when we stop allowing the calendar to dictate when we celebrate it, and when we start living resurrection life every day.

They kingdom come, thy will be done.

Christ prayed this before He endured the wrath that awaited Him on Golgotha. Our commission as His bride, His body, and His co-heirs is to help fulfill that prayer. This only happens when we live Easter everyday, rather than once a year.


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