Frank Viola’s Revise Us Again

Let me first begin by saying if you do not own this book, “Revise Us Again: Living from a Renewed Christian Script” by Frank Viola, you need to!


The book is right around 160 pages and split into 10 chapters. Some of the script we follow in our walk with Christ is truly from God, but sadly much of it is not. Our Christian walk is scripted by our surroundings, our theological raising, our interaction with fellow believers in the body of Christ, but also by our traditions. Frank Viola breaks down and rescripts that Christian life.

Revise Us AgainHe discusses the language that believers use, our interaction with the Lord, how we interact with other believers, and making Christ our sole focus. He tackles issues, that I believe, many Christian writers skirt around. He breaks down the heart of these issues, and leads us back to the father’s heart for how the body should act, re-act, and interact.

Chapter 1 – Frank breaks down the understanding of how God speaks to his people. Depending on our spiritual/theological background, our understanding of how the scriptures speak to us dictates how we believe God is speaking to us. He utilizes the illustration of the priest, the prophet, and the sage.  He ends the chapter by bringing great revelation to the understanding that no individual person has the full mind of Christ, but points to Paul’s teaching that we [plural] as his corporate body possess the mind of Christ. We can discover the mind of Christ as a corporate body, not merely from a single individual.

Chapter 2 – Here he breaks down “Christianeze” and how believers use the statement “the Lord told me…” essentially as a scapegoat. He shows 6 main reasons why Christians use this language, and they mostly do not realize why until later.  He points out that this is a learned habit, and we must re-script our language.

Chapter 3 – In this chapter he talks about the code language that many Christians use. Another common statement utilized is “let me pray about it.” This is usually code for “no.”

Chapter 4 – Here Frank points out one of the most interesting parts of how believers communicate with each other. Every conversation or ‘debate’ with another believer is directed by our own Spiritual Conversation Style, or SCS. He points out that one is not more right than the other, but rather the lens through which we interact and discuss scripture, Christ, and theology. If we could only learn the set aside any initial reactions, to see what each other is really trying to say, without trying to convince them our way is better, etc. Maybe then we can truly become better listeners and edify the body through each others varying revelation of Christ. 

Chapter 5 – Here he presents 5 vital areas of the gospel that are vastly neglected in the Christian community today. You will have to read the book and chapter to find out exactly what they are.

Chapter 6 – Many times believers feel they have to “find” the presence of God, after discussing 4 distinctions of God’s presence, Frank does a great job of pointing believers to the understanding that Christ is always with us. He utilizes an analogy with our nose. It is there with us all the time, but we rarely give it attention, unless we have a sniffle.

Chapter 7 – Here he discusses being captured by the same spirit we oppose. How many times have we stood against something, only to justify ourselves in our actions, as we slowly become like that which we stood against. This is probably one of the most profound chapters in the book. This covers all 3 of the areas of how we act, react, and interact with other believers.

Chapter 8 – This chapter presents a deeper understanding and revision of our spiritual expectations of God. He breaks down the Lord’s workings in a way that I personally have never heard before. He utilizes a night and day style analogy, along with a first and second style analogy to help believers better understand how the Lord utilizes workings in our lives to always bring about something better.

Chapter 9 – Wow! Here Frank discusses revising our understanding of the Holy Spirit’s ministry, and stripping everything down to Christ alone. He presents an amazing chapter on how everything should point back to and exalt Christ. The Holy Spirit is not focused on the gifts, he is focused on Christ. Christ is the head, Christ is the center, and Christ is ALL. For from Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things. (Rom 11:36)

Chapter 10 – Finally, he discusses the chief pursuit of believers. Christ. “It was the plea of the prophet and the passion of Paul’s life. Yet how often do we hear this talked about today?…Either you and I can know God intimately, or the gospel is a sham. One of the rewards of our Lord’s suffering is that we all shall know him…” (pg 130)

Afterwards – To finish off the book, he breaks down the three gospels: the legalists, the libertines, and Christ. That we would set aside the gospels of legalism and libertinism that only “tether us to the flesh,” and pursue Christ and the understanding that we are a new creation in Him.

Simply put: This book is an amazing little gem that every believer should read! Revise Us Again: Living from a Renewed Christian Script is a mountain of revelation and truth packed into a tiny package of 160 pages.

If you want greater understanding on how to act, re-act, and interact with the world, and the body of Christ, READ THIS BOOK! I have no doubt you will not regret it! I rarely, if ever will read a book twice, but I plan on returning to this one again that the Lord would continue to Revise Me!

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