Year 1 In The Books, & 3 Ways To Get Involved


Exactly 1 year ago today went live. As I look back over the last 12 months I am thankful for what has transpired. I could not have done it without God first and foremost, and secondly without all of you. Thank you all for such a great year. The community that is growing around this adventure, and in my eyes ministry, excites me.

As we discuss everything from your daily walk with Christ to providing practical handles for marriage, controversial issues to leadership, the new believer to the theologically advanced, and the church/eklessia to reviews of books, products, and services; my goal and vision is that each of you will go deeper in your faith and walk with Christ. Let not the troubles and baggage of this life hold you down. If we claim to be in Christ, let us go to a greater level of maturity in that relationship. Let your faith grow. Let your relationship with Christ become the center hubcap that everything else in life revolves around, rather than just another spoke in the wheel.

3 Ways to Get Involved

I am excited for what this upcoming year has in store, and look forward to providing you with many more articles, insights, giveaways, and hopefully a first book by the end of the year, (possibly two). So what can you do to help this community grow, and help others grow and mature in their walk with the Lord? There are 3 ways you can get involved.

1. You can sign up for email updates – If you want to get a sneak peek of these books as they become available, and to get new articles delivered right to you, get signed up for email updates. I know what it’s like to get bombarded with tons of emails from a place, and I don’t want to be that guy.  As I stated in the look ahead at 2015, my goal is to provide you with 100-150 articles throughout the year, which is roughly 2-3 per week. 

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2. You can spread the word –  As fresh articles become available, or as you read through the archives, and you find an article that is helpful, pass it along. If you found it useful, most likely someone else will as well. You can also refer your friends and family to the website, or to our Facebook page to get connected.

3. Read on your own -Finally, I can provide you with great information and articles all day long, but in an effort to provide you with the ability to grow and “feed yourself” spiritually I have also provided a LIBRARY link that has many books that I have found useful over the years. Check it out and grab one of the books listed there to help your relationship with Christ to grow on a personal level. These are not all of the books that I have read through the years, but the ones that I have found useful, insightful, and/or challenging. I will continue to add books as I come across them.

Friends, thank you again for all of your support throughout this last year. I cannot thank you enough. It is my honor and pleasure to provide you with information and articles to help you grow in a greater walk with the Lord. I look forward to serving you in the year ahead.

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