I Am One With The Force, The Force Is With Me

A Spiritual Lesson From Rogue One

My family and I recently watched Rogue One and a powerful scene stuck out to me while watching it, and it literally brought me to tears. As I watched it I realized there was a three fold spiritual lesson beneath the surface. WARNING: If you have not seen the movie, and do not want a spoiler do not read on.

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If you saw Rogue One I’m sure you were as awe struck by Chirrut Imwe as I was. You know, the blind guy wielding the staff and kicking butt. I think one of the most powerful scenes was the final surge/battle on the planet Scarif when Chirrut Imwe walked out amongst the gunfire and explosions to flip the switch so they could transmit the plans to the death star.

Here are three spiritual lessons from Rogue One.


Blind, But Perceptive

Chirrut Imwe was blind, but he was perceptive. What stirred me to tears during this particular scene was the fact that he was a walking illustration of blind faith.

Chirrut Imwe could not see where he was going, or even where the gunfire was coming from, but he was perceptive to what needed to be done. He gathered data from his surroundings through his other senses.

For us as believers, we may not always know where to go or where the “gunfire” is coming from, but we must use our spiritual senses. Jesus told us he only did what he saw the Father doing, and Paul tells us the Spirit led him “here” or kept him from going “there.”

We may be blind in the fact that we cannot see exactly what God is doing or how He is working things out, but we must walk in blind faith being spiritually perceptive.

Chirrut Imwe was in constant dialogue with “the force” as he chanted “I am one with the force, the force is with me.” We must be in constant dialogue with the Father if we want to know what he wants us to do and where to go.


God Uses The Unqualified

Looking at the scene, others tried to run out to flip the switch so they could transmit the signal. Those with their sight, hearing, full mobility, blasters, and every seemingly necessary skill or tool to get the job done.

Chirrut Imwe was unequipped and unqualified to do the job by battlefield standards. He couldn’t even see where the switch was, but regardless of his situation, he succeeded where others failed.

You see, sometimes God will use the unqualified and unequipped to accomplish a great task. The Bible tells us of Moses who stuttered, David who was looked over to be king because of his small stature, Peter who cut off the guards ear and denied Christ three times, and on, and on.

You may feel unqualified or unequipped to do what God has laid before you, but God is in the business of using the unqualified to accomplish what He needs done.

Chirrut Imwe was not a Jedi, but he still believed. You may not be a “spiritual jedi” or have a “spiritual lightsaber or blaster,” but God will equip you with what you need, when you need it…even if it’s only blind faith.


His Life Was Not Spared

I knew this was coming as I watched the scene unfold before me. Chirrut Imwe made it to the switch unharmed, but he was killed just after he accomplished his task.

His life wasn’t spared, but he was preserved for the task that needed to be done. This is the ugly truth about a calling that rarely gets discussed.

Moses never stepped foot in the Promised Land. While the other apostles were martyred, John was exiled to Patmos to live out his days in solitary exile. Paul endured shipwrecks, beatings, numerous stonings, sickness, and more. He was preserved for the task that needed to be done, but ultimately he was put to death for his work.

The most significant aspect of each of these people though, was they were preserved for their particular task. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 3,

I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth. So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but God who causes the growth. Now he who plants and he who waters are one; but each will receive his own reward according to his own labor. For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, God’s building.

Your only task in life may be to till the soil, or to water the seed someone else planted. There is a possibility you may never see the harvest, and you may never taste the fruit, but if you accomplish the task that God has given you, you will be rewarded for your labor.

Be the best tiller or the best “waterer” you can be. Your life may not be preserved, but your work is necessary.

We can find Christ in everything around us if only we will look. I see Christ in movies all the time.

My prayer for you is that even if you are “unqualified and unequipped” you will walk with “blind faith” as Chirrut Imwe did to accomplish the calling God has for your life…even if that means your life is not spared in doing so.


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4 thoughts on “I Am One With The Force, The Force Is With Me

  1. really enjoyed this. I think we do feel “unqualified” for many things, but God doesn’t make mistakes.

    • The enemy wants to live up to his name as the accuser, and make us feel unqualified to do anything for the Lord, but the Lord most often uses the unqualified to accomplish much.

  2. I liked the scene where he shot the tie fighter down then crashed into the turbo laser. A two for one shot. Remember, the Force will be with you always.

    • There were so many great scenes in the movie, and so many spiritual parallels. That one was a great one for sure.