Interview With Frank Viola About The Deeper Christian Life Network

Hey friends, one goal of mine is to continue to bring you resources to further your walk with the Lord. I recently had the chance to ask author and speaker Frank Viola some questions about his new spiritual mentoring network called The Deeper Christian Life Network.

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Amber and I are excited to be a part of this network and hope you will join us on this journey towards the deeper things of the Lord. The interaction and input from the participants has already been amazing. Without further adieu, here is the interview with Frank Viola.


Where did you get the vision for this kind of network?

Since I’ve began writing on the Deeper Christian Life in 2009 with From Eternity to Here and then in 2010 with Jesus Manifesto — and all the follow up books until the present time, people have asked me consistently . . . “where can I find others who are interested in going deeper with Jesus? And what do you have available where I can go deeper into the life-changing themes you’re writing about?”

Since then, I’ve been playing with the idea of creating a network that provides virtual mentoring via intensive Master Classes that go way beyond my books and blog, as well as connection with others who are interested in the deeper journey in Christ.

When I was in my 20s and early 30s, I would have given my teeth to find such a network and mentoring. When I was in my early 20s, I realize that the Christian life was pretty shallow and superficial.

I was exposed to some of the deeper life writers of the past who influenced me profoundly. But they were all dead and most of the Christians I knew where only interested in raising a family, sending their kids to college, having grandchildren and then dying and going to heaven.

They had no vision or desire beyond that. Church, reading the Bible, prayer, etc. were all religious supplements and obligations to their already busy lives and nothing more. Their real interests lied somewhere other than knowing Jesus Christ.

The network, then, has fulfilled a long-time dream of mine and a felt-need among thousands of my readers. It’s just begun and it’s already exploding.


What can participants expect from joining The Deeper Christian Life Network? 

Those who register and get access to the network receive the following:

  • A Bi-Weekly Master Class – right now it’s EXQUISITE PASSION: A DEEPER JOURNEY INTO GOD’S ETERNAL PURPOSE. Next in the queue is Ephesians in 3D.
  • Discussions on Each Master Class Session with the Network (these are powerful).
  • A Monthly Q & A.
  • Access to the Meet & Greet Section to Connect with Network Participants.
  • A Ticket to the Live Annual Conference (no charge).
  • A Monthly Game-Changing Commentary on a Scripture Text. (This month, it was about Luke 24, why did the two Emmaus disciples – who were husband and wife, by the way – suddenly recognize Jesus when He broke the bread. The answer is astounding.)
  • Profound Quotes by other authors.
  • A Copy of Every New Self-Published Digital Book I Write.
  • A New eBook on God’s Eternal Purpose.
  • An Inside Peek into the Books I’m Reading and the Tools I’m Using.
  • A Sneak Preview into the Books I’m Presently Writing.
  • A 40% Discount on my Upcoming Webinar – PROLIFIC 2015.


What do you envision for the network and it’s participants?

 Spiritual growth, a new-found love for the Lord, new friendships with others, excitement, passion, and inspiration for the Lord. Oh, and a lot of fun.


What does it cost and can I join any time?

The early bird special is going on between now and Tuesday, September 22nd. There are two plans, both of which are less than what most people spend on coffee, tea, or movies each month. Less than most gym memberships. These pay for all the costs of the network.

If your readers want to learn more, they just need to sign up to the Waiting List and they will be emailed all the details within a day after they sign up.


What would you say to someone on the fence about joining The Deeper Christian Life Network?

I’d say this to them:

If you are fully content with your spiritual life and your level of relationships with other Christians, then I wouldn’t recommend it.

However, see if you resonate with any of these testimonials below.

I am looking for a place to share my challenges, my joys, and get encouragement from others in the faith. I desire connection. I feel like an outlier because I don’t fit the mold of superficial Christianity. I’m weary of being a rogue, isolated Christian. I’m looking for true connection.” Matt, 35

I’m looking for concrete advice on some of the struggles I face as a Christian. I want to learn from an older, seasoned believer who has blazed the trail. I want authentic friendships, real discipleship, and to be valued by a mentor.” Tim, 22

I feel isolated. I can’t seem to find anyone who is passionate about the Lord to be on this journey with me. I’m spiritually lonely.” Bob, 33

I find that most Christians are interested in the basic things of God, not the deeper things. I know there’s more and I want to go deeper, but I can’t find anyone — even people in my church — to go deeper with. Everything stays on a shallow level.” Sarah, 43

My generation is looking for mentors. But where are they? I want someone to disciple me and invest in my life with everything they know about the Lord.” Andre, 28

I crave community. I want to build quality, authentic friendships with like-minded Christians that go beyond the shallow, superficial relationships I have in my church. I lack Christian peers and I need them.” Beth, 32

It’s hard being a strong Christian in this world when you’re called a bigot, a hater, intolerant, ignorant, etc. I need peers who will stand strong for the Lord and encourage me. But I can’t find any. Everyone I know is seeking the American dream more than the Lord. I feel so alone. Where are the serious Christians?” Katie, 31

Also, give my message Rethinking Discipleship a listen.

If these resonate with your heart , you’ll definitely want to get on the Waiting List and receive the registration details by email.


Just go to to check out the site and join the Waiting List.


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