It’s Not About You

Even before you were a twinkle in your mother’s eye, mankind has been under constant spiritual attack. Since we have generated a mindset of personal salvation, a personal savior, and my church, we have personalized our spiritual problems as well. While those attacks are more intense than one can imagine at times, the truth is, it’s not about you.


Let’s go back and set the stage

Before you were ever here, Lucifer rebelled against God. Since then, there has been a spiritual war waged in the invisible realm.

Man is God’s most treasured possession, even above the angels. He chose mankind in which to place his likeness and bear his image. It is mankind that He has chosen to fellowship with. It is with mankind that He went to the greatest of lengths in order to reconcile the relationship.

This has forever enraged the adversary, and He has waged war on God. This is why Paul tells us your battle is not against flesh and blood.

The enemy is not attacking you out of a personal vendetta against you. He has a personal vendetta against God. We are God’s prized creation and the enemy prowls around like a roaring lion seeking to devour those within the Lord’s body.


In The Overcoming Life, Watchman Nee puts it this way:

Brothers and sisters, when the indwelling Christ is leading us through the test, who is actually being tested? Every time a test comes to us, it is not we who are tested but God who is tested. When our faith is tested, the Son of God is tested. God’s faithfulness is tested; we are not tested. Every test is a test to see what Christ can do. Every test is a test of God’s faithfulness. Faith is standing on God’s side, on His Word’s side, and on the opposite side of our environment.

You see it really isn’t about you. Every attack, every trial, every hardship is an attack against the Lord.

In the days of history past, when kings attacked other kingdoms, it wasn’t an attack on the people. It was an attack against the rival king. The vendetta was against the opposing ruler, rather than the people.


It’s all good

What the enemy intends for evil, the Lord will turn around for good. (Gen 50:20) The Lord will use these circumstances, attacks, and trials as a means to mold you and shape you into His image if you will stand in faith.

Every test and hardship is an opportunity to be shaped as a living stone to be built into a spiritual house for God. The chisel never feels good, but the beauty that comes from it is amazing.

So you see, the testing really isn’t about you; it’s about God proving His faithfulness in the face of a spiteful enemy. But even if he doesn’t answer your prayer, He is sovereign to work all things together for the fulfillment of His eternal purpose. He uses mess and disorder to fulfill his purposes. He brings order from the chaos of our lives.

How will adjusting your focus from the problem being about you, to the problem being a test and attack against God change the way you view your struggles?


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