Jesus And Moldy Bread

You go open the bread bag to make yourself a sandwich only to find the beginnings of blue green fuzz creeping across the surface. I would ask, is this a representation of Jesus in your life? Is Jesus just moldy bread?

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Why does bread get moldy? Because it hasn’t been consumed. When it sits too long unopened it begins to go stale, and mold begins to grow.

In John 6:35 we see Jesus say

I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger.

He is the bread of life, and this bread of life dwells in each of us. The life of Christ dwells within you and I, and for it to effectively leave a lasting impact on the world around us, we have to be opened.


Experience trumps knowledge

We have all seen the pictures of Subway’s sandwiches, but when you walk by after they have freshly baked the bread, oh my word! It smells delicious. That is an experience.

You can know about bread through your frontal lobe. You can describe the color, the texture, or its size, but until you have experientially tasted bread or smelt it’s wonderful aroma you will never fully comprehend the how delicious it is.

This is why the Psalmist writes in 34:8,

O taste and see that the Lord is good.

It is not enough just to know about the Lord. We must taste. We must consume. We must experience the Lord through an active relationship and be renewed by Him each day.

When we fail to grow in the Lord; when we stay stagnant in our relationship with him, and when we only live off of yesteryear’s experience our understanding of him grows stale and moldy.

When our life remains closed and unopened, like the bread bag, staleness and mold begin to overtake.

It’s not that Jesus grows moldy or stale, because bread is still bread after all, and Jesus is still The Christ. It is merely our presentation to the world of the bread that is within us has grown moldy.


Has your faith gone stale or moldy?

Friends, make it a regular occurrence to experience the Lord. Don’t just seek to know about Him, seek to know Him. Don’t allow Christ to go moldy in your life. Allow the aroma of the bread of life to be known to the world around you.

You cannot give away what you do not have. You only give what you do have. Give the Bread of Life to the world around you, just make sure it’s not moldy.

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