Jesus, Marriage, Eternal Image

Earlier this year my wife and I did an exercise and we each wrote a poem describing marriage and it’s meaning. Today I want to share mine with you. I pray it encourages you and your relationship.


Marriage is much more than two people who say “I do.” It is a grander image of Christ and his bride. Envision that grander image as you read.


Jesus Marriage, eternal image

The two shall be-come one

Without Him they are none

Rings and love and wedded bliss

A sealed covenant with a kiss

Infinite God and finite man

With Him inside, always they can

The storms of life are sure to come

Love indwelling won’t come undone

In the world let it be known

We re-present another home

If one is strong and two are great

with three the world illuminate

Words and vows bind two in one

A living Lord, three in one

A greater image, let it be seen

Not just love, a greater King

The dark will try to sur-pass

This eternal love will never pass

Man and wife and Lord above

Shall never fall out of love

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