Over the last two weeks we have discussed the importance of Keeping Christ as the Head in Your Marriage, and Understanding How to Love Your Spouse through the 5 love languages. This week I want to discuss keeping the love alive, mainly with one thing in particular.

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People that know us can tell you what happens typically every Friday at the Passini house. Date night. This September my wife and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We have made it a regularly scheduled event to have a weekly date night. No matter how busy our week is, or is not we still have a date night; regardless of how many hours we have been able to spend together each day throughout the week.



The reason is simple. We love each other, and have made it a priority in our marriage. By strategically planning a date night on a regular basis, it causes us to get out of our comfort zone, our home. It takes the stress off of us concerning cooking a meal, or what to have, who is going to cook, who is going to clean up, and so on. Our date night allows us to sit back with no distractions, talk intimately, and spend quality time together.

Having a date night doesn’t have to be elaborate and expensive. (Here’s 25 cheap and easy date ideas.) It simply has to be meaningful and intentional. Ours typically consists of going to get pizza and donuts. On other occasions if my wife or I were prepping for a contest of some sort we would simply go have a steak, or even just go watch a movie together. Date night doesn’t even have to cost anything. You can simply plan a picnic to the park, go to a museum, or any event that gets you by yourself for a few hours.

Scheduling a regular date night is a great way to have private intimate conversation, increase intimacy, and set time apart to prioritize your spouse.

Do we have children? No. Do kids make things a little harder? Of course they do! BUT, what is important to you, you will make time for.



Now I am speaking specifically to the men. Before we were married, we went to all lengths to try and win over our wives while we were dating them, we would drop everything to spend time with them. We would make sure to have date night to be able to treat them special. WHY SHOULD THAT STOP AFTER YOU GET MARRIED?!

Just because you have won the prize does not mean you stop winning her affection everyday. Will your spouse love you? Of course, but why not make your marriage exceptional. Take time to spend alone with your spouse on a regular basis. Men, stop being complacent when it comes to your marriage. Continue to date your wife until death do you part! I can promise that if you make time to spend alone together on a regular basis, your marriage will grow exponentially.

I love to spend time with my wife, she is my best friend. Some people may joke about it, or give me a hard time, but that is what keeps our love alive. We MAKE time for each other. Even on the busiest of weeks, I can always count on date night at the end of the week. Why? Because it’s important to us. It is a priority in our schedule. We refuse to become another statistic of divorce in America.

I challenge each of you today, men and women, make date night/day a regular occurrence, and watch your love grow. As you incorporate what we have discussed about keeping Christ as the head in your marriage, and Understanding How to Love Your Spouse through the 5 love languages, you will begin to see your marriage change. Date each other like you did before marriage, and your relationship will blossom even more regardless if you have been married 1 month, 1 year, or 25 years.

So, put the smart phones away. Turn off the email. Keep work at work. And spend just a few hours without hindrance or distraction with your spouse.


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