Supernatural Marriage

Gary Thomas
July 28, 2017

A exceptional article from Gary Thomas on a truly supernatural marriage in Christ.

So much of Christian teaching today is about us developing “our” gifts, improving “our” talents, reaching “our” potential, yet so much of Jesus’s teaching and modeling is about surrendering to the work of the Holy Spirit. Let’s allow marriage to teach us to trust this Holy Spirit…You’ll have far more success and satisfaction in your marriage if you start asking more of God and less of your spouse.”

4 Powerful Words

Raising Godly Children
June 16, 2017

As a parent your words are powerful. The Bible tells us, you have the power to speak life or death to your children (Proverbs 18:21). Of all the words you can speak, I believe there are four that can be among the most powerful to your child.

Check out my latest article over at Raising Godly Children.

Don’t Awaken Love Before It’s Time

Raising Godly Children

If you look around at mainstream media, marketing, and the social climate you may have noticed that we live in a sexually charged society here in America. Today’s kids aren’t as naïve and blind as they are often thought of. Unfortunately too many of these young children are awakening love before its time.

Marginalizing Men: 3 Ways A Wife Can Kill A Father’s Role

Raising Godly Children

One of the most dangerous actions a mother can take is to marginalize a father because his way of nurturing and interacting with the children is different than the mother’s. Men and women serve dual purposes in parenting by God’s design.

In my latest guest post on Raising Godly Children I discuss the 3 ways a wife can kill a father’s role by marginalizing him because of his difference in parenting.