Marriage & Relationship Coaching

The success of modern American marriages is at a miserable rate. The average American wedding alone costs roughly $26,444, yet around half end in divorce. Why is that?

I think it’s crazy to invest that much on your wedding, and not invest anything in your marriage. Pre-marital and marriage coaching is an investment that will pay you dividends for the life of your marriage.

We have made marriage a “cohabitation business deal” rather than the spiritual sign post and the metaphorical mirror it’s meant to be.

Marriage coaching is not just for those on the brink of divorce, it can be a huge help for many couples. Don’t favor the deadness of a marriage over the “embarrassment” or “inconvenience” of breathing new life back into your relationship.


Pre Marriage Coaching

This program consists of 21 sessions covering the terrain of family, friends, finances, sex, spirituality, and mentality so you can stand on the mountain top of a successful Christ-centered marriage.


Intra-Marriage Coaching

Already in the throws of marriage? No worries. Let’s start today to resolve some of those issues, build greater intimacy, and make your marriage into a sign post of success so you can impact your world.

Available in 10, 5, or single session packages.


Why let your marriage be another statistic of divorce? Let’s do something about it today.