May We Never Be Guilty Of The Sin Of Uzzah

There are many seasons, emotions, actions, and mindsets that we traverse in our walk with the Lord. No matter how wonderful or even how treacherous they may be, may we never be guilty of the sin of Uzzah.


Now you may be wondering who is Uzzah and what was his sin that we need to avoid? I’ll get to that, but first a little back-story.

If we jump back to the Old Testament, more specifically the end of 2 Samuel 5, we see David attack and defeat the Philistines. As we move into 2 Samuel 6 we can see David going to gather the Ark of God, and take it home.

They placed the Ark on a new cart, and began their journey. At one point it became unsettled, and a man by the name of Uzzah reached out to steady the Ark so it would not fall.

Here’s the kicker.

Even though Uzzah was trying to save the Ark from falling, God struck him dead for touching it.

So what was Uzzah’s sin? Was it simply touching the Ark, when God forbid it?

No, it was something far greater.

You see, Uzzah knew the “rules.” He knew that nobody was to touch the Ark. This was the reason it was on a cart, or was carried by poles.

So what was his sin?


Uzzah became complacent with the Holiness of God.


Many times we become caught up in doing the work of God, that we forget about the one we are working for. We focus more on our menial tasks and adherence to the “law,” than on the one who makes all work matter, and has removed the burden of trying to earn His favor.

We find joy in the comfort zone.

May we never be guilty of the sin of Uzzah. May we never become too familiar with the Holy.

When the marvelous becomes mundane, when the extraordinary becomes ordinary, when the wonderful becomes wonder-less, we too will be guilty of the sin of Uzzah.

When the awesomeness of God fails to strike us at the very core with awe any longer, we too will have become complacent with the holiness of God.

Friends, may we never stop growing in the Lord. May we not stop being moved by the mere thought of Him. May the name of our Lord never grow dull on our lips, but continue to be as sweet as honey all the days of lives.

My prayer is that you and I will never grow complacent in our pursuit of the Lord, or grow complacent in our submission to His Spirit.


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