Are you looking for a good read?

Are you looking for some great Bible study tools?

Be sure to check out the LIBRARY section under the resources tab above. There is a list of books, that is by no means an exhaustive list, that I have found useful in my walk with the Lord. These are not just a random list of books, but rather books and resources that I have personally read and/or utilize. Each one is already linked directly to to its cheapest price on amazon where applicable or its respective  vendor site. I encourage you to check them out and start diving in. Be a continual learner. If we stop learning, we stop growing.

A few authors I encourage you to check out concerning your everyday walk are:

  • Watchman Nee
  • Frank Viola
  • Brennan Manning

Under the Bible study tools I have listed out some of the resources that I utilize. I highly recommend a good study Bible and a concordance if you get nothing else.

If you are in the market and have the extra finances, I highly recommend the Logos software. It is an advanced Bible study software with numerous resources within it. There are numerous different levels you can purchase all the way from a basic package up to their portfolio package which includes every resource available with the software. I personally have the Silver package, and have purchased and added resources here and there.

I encourage you to always push yourself to grow and continue to learn. Always investigate and discover for yourself and do not be a lemming just believing everything you hear. I hope you find these resources helpful in your walk as I have. I will be continuing to add to the list as I continue to read through books and find new resources that I find helpful.

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