I Need Heeeelllpppp

Ever notice how kids are not ashamed to ask for help? Then we grow up and get hard headed, and we lose that willingness to seek help. Jesus taught us an amazing lesson in saying, “unless you become like a child” (Matt. 18:3). How often do we resist asking for help to only suffer alone? Here’s a funny story about asking for help, and the powerful lesson from a little boy.

From Tablet To Table (Colorado Springs: NavPress, 2014)

From Tablet To Table is a wonderful book exploring the theology and importance of the table. A short and powerful read, that if put in to practice could change your family, your neighborhood, and even the world.

“What if the Bible were seen less as a tablet of ink than as a table of food? From Tablet to Table invites readers to explore the importance of The Table in biblical theology, and what it might mean for us to bring back the table to our homes, our churches, and our neighborhoods. Sweet explores how our failure to understand and appreciate “the most sacred item of furniture in every home” has created such a deficit in our fast-food, take-what-you-like-smorgasbord, together-but-separate society.” – Excerpt from Amazon.com

Reclaim The Table

Did you know that nearly half of parents say they share fewer meals with their family than when they were growing up? Can you guess the number one cause? Technology. The table used to play a much more important role in our homes. Unfortunately, for many, we have let the table lose that place, and it’s time to reclaim the table.

We Were Never Called To Be Counter Cultural

We can debate for days when Christianity began to take that deep dive into a lack of influence. We can ramble statistics, point to a presidency, or even start blaming society for the downward spiral of our cultural influence. For as long as I can remember, all I have heard from the Church is “counter-cultural this” and “we need to stand counter-culturally against that.” Did we ever stop to think that all this counter cultural mumbo jumbo is actually hurting our message of the grace of God, rather than helping it? The truth is we were never called to be counter-cultural. We were called for something else.

13 Things I’ve Learned In 13 Years Of Marriage

Guest Post By: Amber Passini

Tomorrow my wife and I will celebrate 13 years of marriage. It has been a wild and crazy ride, but I wouldn’t change a thing. The Lord truly has blessed me with an incredible partner, friend, co-laborer, and wife. She is more than I could ask for, and today she shares a few thoughts on what she has learned over our 13 years together.