The Land Beyond Egypt

You know how there’s a long scenic route when you travel, and then there’s the fast route? Yeah, I’m a “fastest route possible” kind of person, but the Israelites were more like a lets take the scenic route…again and again kind of people. They were freed from bondage only to wander the wilderness for the next 40 years. Too many Christians today are just like those Israelites we read about. They are free from sin, yet they never move forward. They have forgotten about the land beyond Egypt.

Will We Be Married In Heaven?

Marriage In Light Of Eternity

With divorce rates at roughly 50 percent in America, and those marriages lasting on average only 8.2 years, it’s hard to even imagine being married for eternity. It does make you stop and wonder what will happen with you and your spouse around the throne though. So at the asking of a reader, I want to tackle the question: “Is marriage eternal?” Or to put it another way, “Will Christians be married in Heaven?”

A Grief Observed (HarperSanFrancisco, 1961)

In this short yet powerful book CS Lewis shares the pages of his diary following the loss of his beloved wife. You see the struggles of faith from a man who stood as a theological giant of his day. The story is real. The message is raw. You will feel the pain he felt, but you will feel the resurgence of faith the Lewis found as well.

Are You Willing To Live In Obscurity?

If we get to the heart cry of the soul, I believe we just want to be known. We want to know that our life matters, and others know us. In truth, it’s what we were made for: to know others and to be known. The Internet has made it easy for a person to create a platform and rise to the spotlight seemingly over night. There is a certain paradox to discipleship in Christ though, and that is the willingness to live in obscurity.

There’s A Woman, Have You Seen Her?

There’s a beautiful woman standing there, and the eyes of eternity are upon her. She is the only vision in the eyes of the King. She is more precious than jewels. Her name is whispered across the pages of holy script. Have you seen her? Today I share a piece of poetry that was burdened on my heart last week. I sat and fleshed it out on paper and this is the work that came forth describing the bride that stands as Christ awaits her hand.

If It’s Not On Facebook It Didn’t Happen

Doing Good And The Weight Of The Christian Expectation

It’s apparent social media plays a pretty big role in modern society. It’s how we connect, voice our opinions, share personal moments, and to some it has become another means of weight upon the shoulders of the body of Christ. It has become a yoke of heavy burden, just like that of the Pharisees, because if you didn’t put it on Facebook it never happened. Let me explain.

Can God Trust You?

How many times have you prayed for something and it seems as if God has failed to even acknowledge that you breathed the words? I know I have many times. One particular instance stands out for sure and it changed not only my thinking, but my actions as well. Join me as I share a story of how a truck opened my eyes to God’s trust in me.