Personal & Spiritual Coaching

For over a decade I have worked with hundreds of clients from all walks of life. In the course of doing so, I found that many clients gained clarity and were able to overcome obstacles in their life and relationships because of the coaching they received. This is why I offer Christ-centered, Biblically based personal and spiritual coaching.

I pair these years of coaching with my experience working in churches, as well as my education. I hold a Bachelors degree in Church Ministries with a specialization in Christian Education. I also hold a Master’s degree in Theological studies. I am currently set to begin my D.Min. in Semiotics and Future Studies in fall 2017.

I believe the greatest impact in your relationships, family, work, and community come when an individual is healthy mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Let’s be honest, even the best need a coach at times.

Toxic water will flow downstream. If you are struggling personally, those downstream will feel the ramifications of it.

Whether you are looking to:

  • Get out of a funk in your life
  • Go deeper in your walk with the Lord
  • Gain clarity on an area of your life
  • Overcome an obstacle
  • Find God in the midst of your story
  • Have accountability and help overcoming an addiction
  • Go to the next level in your life or relationship

I am here to help. 

Soloman was a wise man. He wrote,

A plan in the heart of a man is like deep water, but a man of understanding draws it out. – Proverbs 20:5

Your dreams and plans do no good when they are buried within you. When you you collaborate with someone on the outside of your situation, you can a fresh insight and revelation on accomplishing the dreams the Lord has given you.

My goal is to provide you with long term sustainable success in your life, marriage, and walk with the Lord. I’m not just using book knowledge and experience. I will use the greatest teacher of all, the Holy Spirit.

My goal is to be a conduit of His teaching to speak into your life so you can gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and leave a lasting impact on your world. 

I want to help you take the next step through deep listening, powerful questions, and consistent prayer and support.

If this is something you are interested in, fill out the form below to tell about yourself and what you are looking, and to receive information about available options.