Life Together: The 10 Pillars Of A Powerful & Lasting Marriage



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Have you ever wondered what it takes to have a powerful marriage? They don’t happen by accident, that’s for sure. A powerful marriage is cultivated through through the intentional work of both spouses. In this book we will discuss topics such as: spiritual life, fighting, intimacy, language, and much more.

Life Together: The 10 Pillars Of A Powerful & Lasting Marriage is a book that was birthed out of pain as well as passion.

First, from the pain of seeing so many marriages fall victim to divorce and heartache. The pain of watching couples just “get by,” and the pain of seeing the effects it leaves on the world around them including family, friends, and colleagues.

Second, it was born from the passion to see more powerful marriages. The passion to see marriages conquer the difficulties of life, grow exponentially through the years, and relationships that leave a lasting impact on this world.

What is a powerful marriage?


Marriage is all about living your life together. You can choose to live in disarray and just get through life, or you can choose to have a powerful and lasting marriage that positively impacts those around you.

I believe a powerful marriage is one of those relationships that you look at the couple and you see their relationship as something you would want. A relationship that stands the tests of time and difficulties. A powerful marriage is a relationship that leaves a lasting impact on this world for generations to come; their impact is felt before they enter a room, and resounds long after they are gone.

A powerful marriage is built upon Jesus Christ. Built upon His love for His bride, and her love for Him.

I will stand and fight for powerful marriages. I want to see a world changed and impacted because couples that are adamant about changing their communities and their world.

As a couple builds their Life Together I believe there are 10 Pillars upon which they need to build a solid foundation for a powerful and lasting relationship.

In Life Together I discuss these 10 pillars which include:

  • Christ as the head of marriage
  • Communication
  • Transparency
  • The Continual Pursuit
  • Intimacy
  • Fighting
  • Apologies, Forgiveness, & Compromise
  • Finances
  • Serving your spouse
  • Being Intentional

These 10 universal pillars will equip you to establish, grow, and maintain a relationship that is powerful and lasting in a world where marriages are falling apart.

This 110 page ebook provides you with the essential tools to establish the pillars, as well as discussion/action questions at the end of each chapter which will prompt growth within your relationship.

The answers provided in those action questions can then be partnered with the Marriage Health Check-Up Workbook to ensure continued growth in your marriage.


What Others Are Saying:


Daniel is a man following after God’s heart. He has a gift of translating what God speaks to him and giving that word to others in the form of encouragement. If you are single, a newlywed, or married longer than you can remember, this book is for you! 10 very insightful points to help you plan for, develop, or increase the solid foundation of your marriage. – P.C.

I found the book interesting and informative to read. It has real life application which I really appreciate about it. My favorite parts are the questions and suggestions at the end of each chapter. I feel that they will help my husband and I strengthen our marriage. We have been married for over 20 years and have room for improvement. Reading this book, encourages me and makes me want to be a better wife and have a healthier marriage. – K.H.


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