The Importance Of The Never Ending Honeymoon

Today I want to discuss never letting the honeymoon die. The honeymoon is the celebration. It is the culmination of the dating, the engagement, and finally the whole wedding ceremony. You spend your honeymoon celebrating each other…or at least you should be. It is a happy-go-lucky time that you never want to leave.

So I must confess. I messed up a little bit. When I originally wrote the 12 Ways To Divorce Proof Your Marriage article I missed one, and I just realized it. So here it is the final installment to that series. If you haven’t read it or all the other ways, you can check them out HERE.

My wife and I never actually went on a honeymoon…until 8 years after we were married. You see we were young, in love, and well, poor. We got married and immediately went to work. But our first year of marriage was great. We were that young, goo-goo kind of love story.

But, for all you regular people out there that went on a honeymoon, say to the beach, or Paris, or to a mountain hideaway, I want you to think back to it.

During your honeymoon nothing else in the world matters. The rest of the world doesn’t exist. You have no cares, no worries, and stress is at an all time low.

Now, let’s fast forward 2, 5, 10, or 20 years. You have a fast paced career, 2.5 kids, a mortgage, and a hundred other things going on.

But, where is your marriage relationship?

I have seen it too many times. Couples let the honeymoon die. Life gets hectic and they lose sight of each other. They live to take care of the kids, go to work, pay the bills, and make it through another day. All the while their spouse has been left on the sidelines.

Photo Credit: Chelseafantasy via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Chelseafantasy via Compfight cc

All of these things take a toll on your relationship. Instead of a thriving marriage on that beach from your honeymoon, you are drowning in the busyness of life. You have to find ways to keep that honeymoon atmosphere alive on a regular basis, instead of being buried under the waves.

This truly begins with your personal walk, spiritually first and foremost, and then physically, emotionally, and mentally. The stresses and rigors of life will take a toll on you and your walk with Christ, and if you are not regularly “sharpening the saw” you will be dull. The stagnant water in your personal life will then contaminate your marriage.

Keep yourself fresh and sharp so that you can be greater in your marriage. You have to be intentional about pursuing your spouse. You have to be intentional about keeping the honeymoon alive. Date your spouse regularly. Speak their love language. And, let’s be honest, have as much sex as you did on your honeymoon.

You see, even though my wife and I didn’t go on our honeymoon until 8 years after we got married, we kept the honeymoon alive by going on regular dates, making each other a priority, and by being intentional about building a thriving marriage.

The world around you truly doesn’t matter. Make sure you are a 10 at home before you are a 10 for the world. If you want to have a thriving marriage and divorce proof it, be intentional about putting away the stresses of the day and the world around you and make sure you never let the honeymoon die.

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2 thoughts on “The Importance Of The Never Ending Honeymoon

  1. Daniel,
    This is so good, and so needed! My husband, of 12 years, and I were just discussing how we are bad about going on dates regularly. However, we do have our Netflix shows we watch together each night. It’s our mini dates, at home, that don’t require a babysitter 🙂

    • Hey Michelle, Sorry I just realized I typed up a response before and never hit submit. Whoops! Anyway, watching tv shows together is a great way that a lot of couples draw closer. It’s weird, but with it being something that you do together it is a way to keep the intimacy up. And those mini dates are what it’s all about! Being intentional to build a thriving marriage.