There’s A Woman, Have You Seen Her?

There’s a beautiful woman standing there, and the eyes of eternity are upon her. She is the only vision in the eyes of the King. She is more precious than jewels. Her name is whispered across the pages of holy script. Have you seen her? Today I share a piece of poetry that was burdened on my heart last week. I sat and fleshed it out on paper and this is the work that came forth describing the bride that stands as Christ awaits her hand.

There’s a woman, have you seen her?


She’s not adorned with jewels
Nor clothes herself in fir
She’s all dressed up in righteousness
And beauty is within her


She is unmatched in her essence
And immeasurable in her grace
Chosen before the start of time
He longs to see her face


There’s a woman, have you seen her?


He sees her imperfections
And deeply loves her still
He cast aside His crown and throne
To descend amongst free will
To set her free from laws n’ sin n’ past
And claim together the crown and throne
He once so freely cast.


There’s a woman, have you seen her?


From Isaac’s wife to Jacob’s well,
The scriptures all foretell.
Of a woman throughout the ages.
He’ll go to any lengths,
and pay the price;
No matter what the wage is.


From Adam and Eve
All the way through Revelation
She was alive and well within Him
Before he ever laid the foundation.


There’s a woman have you seen her?


She’s unrefined in many ways
With all her broken parts.
Even so she’s had his gaze,
As He longs the mingling of their hearts.


Upon each page it’s whispered
The story of the ages
A love song from the savior
For His bride and his creation.


There’s a woman, have you seen her?


His side was pierced and blood was spilt
Behold, His bride comes forth
He always knew and had it planned
This dark payment…the only course


As blood and water swirled upon the ground
He’d breathed his last breath,
gave His life up,
His bride no longer bound


The heavy weight she once endured
From laws, and days gone by,
was lifted from her shoulders
now freely she could fly.


And oh the joy that floods her soul
No longer just a bride,
She’ll weep no more upon that final day
When soon she’ll be His wife.


There’s a woman, have you seen her?


DP 4/29/17


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6 thoughts on “There’s A Woman, Have You Seen Her?

  1. Beloved brother Daniel,

    This is Philip from the Netherlands. We shared some fellowship online a few weeks ago.

    Your poem about Christ’s love His bride and that we willingly love Him is so romantic! As a divorcee I do shed a tear or two when I read about the DIVINE ROMANCE that our heavenly Bridegroom shares so intimately with us.

    Love in Christ,

    Philip 😉

    • Yes Sir, I remember Philip. I too was brought to tears as I wrote this and even as I have read it after. His passion for His bride is astounding. My prayer is that more people will catch hold of that glorious vision.