As a parent you hold a great responsibility. You are bringing up a child with the hopes that they will be right with the Lord, be upstanding citizens, and hopefully make a lasting impact on the world. But what does it take to actually make that happen? Honestly, I can’t even begin to imagine the stress that must be.

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Whenever I present parenting advice it is merely from an armchair philosophers point of view since my wife and I have no children of our own, but I present it from what I understand Biblically, and will put in to place if we ever do have children. So today, I share with you the three things all children need from their parents.

Your Children Need Your Discipline

For some reason discipline has become a “bad” word per se. I’m not talking about punishment, which is in a whole other category by itself, but discipline. Discipline is the intentional correction of a wrong behavior that leads to the growth of the individual. That’s not Webster’s version of a definition, but mine.

When you discipline your child you are pointing them in a new direction with the intention of calling greatness out of them. I am a firm believer that it is your job as a parent to call greatness out of your child, not just let them slide by in life.

Discipline is far greater than just spanking, scolding, or grounding. Discipline is the root for discipleship. Your children need you to disciple them in time management, behavior, but most of all understanding and living by an indwelling Lord.


This post was a guest post on Raising Godly Children. You can read the remainder of it HERE.

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