Every writer, speaker, preacher, or communicator of any sort needs quality and powerful resources. Here are some of the tools that I utilize and recommend. I hope they help you as much as they have helped me.

My Toolbox

Note: Some of these resources are free and some of them are paid. Some of the paid resources are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission from them. I have personally used each of the items listed here, which is why I recommend them.


  • Blue Host – I have used other hosting services and had numerous problems. Since switching to Blue Host I have had no issues with hosting or my site(s) being offline. Their customer service is top notch and have always provided quick and amazing service each time I have called, emailed, or chatted with them.
  • WordPress – I was introduced to WordPress when I first started blogging, and have not turned back since. This is the most widely used web design service around. It is incredibly simple and yet still powerful. Most websites you visit will probably be running WordPress. The great thing is Blue Host offers a 1 click installation with their hosting.
  • WooThemes – I utilize a premium theme and Woo Commerce from Woo Themes to run this site and store. There are other great theme providers around. I have simply chosen to use this one.
  • 13″ Mac Book Pro – I was a PC guy for a long time until I was given the chance to use a Mac for a bit. I have never looked back. The fluidity, smoothness, and power of the operating system makes this my go to computer for all my work. This computer is powerful enough to accomplish everything I need from web design to writing, while still being light enough and small enough to easily travel with. My wife even switched to a mac book, after seeing mine.
  • Microsoft Word – Easily the most powerful and broad compatible word processing software. I write my blogs and books here before they go anywhere.



  • Compfight – I was introduced to the Compfight website from author Jeff Goins. You can search for free images to attach to posts. The only downside I have found is that it can take some time to find the picture you want. The organization and tagging is not as clear cut as something like Istock photo.
  • Canva – I learned about Canva through the Buzz Seminar. You can make your own personal images, banners, icons, headers, etc typically for free. There are premium images that cost $1 a piece, but the free images are plentiful. You can make social media images, Facebook and Twitter headers, and much more. You can choose pre-defined image sizes, or use custom dimensions. They also have an app for Ipad.



  • Evernote – This is a great application that I didn’t realize how powerful it was when I first began using it. I now use it as my go to app for taking notes, jotting down blog ideas, shopping list, packing lists, and on and on. It syncs across all platforms, and best of all it’s free. There are 2 premium versions, but I haven’t needed to upgrade so far.
  • Moleskine – Sometimes just good old paper and pen can’t be beat. I love Moleskine journals for their durability and classic style.
  • On Writing – This is Stephen King’s memoir on writing. A great book for any writer. He speaks more on fiction, but the information can also be applied to nonfiction.
  • The Art Of Work – Jeff Goins’ work on finding and living your calling.
  • My 500 words – This is a free 31 day challenge hosted by Jeff Goins. The goal is to write a minimum of 500 words a day for 31 days.
  • Buzz Seminar – This is an at home writing seminar for anyone interested in writing a book or starting a blog. There are different price options to fit your budget, but registration only opens a few times a year. The Seminar has four presenters with years of experience and success: Frank Viola, Mike Morrell, Michelle Schaeffer, & David Hancock.



  • Ipad Mini – Any time I am speaking or preaching I use my Ipad. It’s small, convenient, and I pair it with my Evernote account so I can edit my speaking notes any time.
  • Sony Stereo Lapel Mic – I pair this microphone with the Roland recorder when speaking or preaching. (Important: to get this microphone to activate with the Roland R-05 Recorder you have to change a setting. In the recorder, go to the Menu Setup, press #5 “Input Settings” and turn Plug-in-Play to ON.)
  • Behringer Xenyx 802 Premium 8-Input 2-Bus Mixer – I use this small soundboard to record audio messages, and control the sound levels. This is the same board the podcast answer man recommends when you are getting started. The best choice for under $100.


Bible Study

  • Logos Bible Software – This is the most powerful Bible study tool on the market. I have an older version, but still very powerful. I don’t even use all of the available features. It is a pricey software, but totally worth it.
  • Bible Gateway – I use this for quick reference when looking up scriptures online and when writing articles. I prefer NASB for continuity in my articles, as well as its word for word translation.



  • Amazon Prime – At $99/yr this is the probably one of the best investments I have made. I use Prime to order new books, software, and a majority of things that I may need. With free 2 day shipping on most items as well as great customer service, free movies, and free music it’s hard to beat. Get a FREE 30 day trial HERE.