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One thought on “When God Doesn’t Move Your Mountain

  1. My only thing is the language use of God can and can’t. Or the notion of God failing to do x-y-z. Obviously I understand the premise and yes and amen to all of what was said. But if I may, God not necessarily exhibiting failure, but purposefully refusing to do so because of x-y-z. I’m finding out Biblically the notions of ability should not be called into question.

    So for instance, anecdotally speaking. I took a step of faith, after months of praying and wrestling with God on the desire to move to Atlanta to be a part of a church with no back up plan or anything but just to love and serve this church, with every door closed or closing behind me as far as staying in Michigan, I go. Now the next logical step is obviously find a job. But as far as I’ve been able to grasp, no job has yet to cement itself into my life and literally only God can open the door that’ll allow for that to happen and this is my mountain currently. I can’t go through it and it’s not moving. I honestly don’t know what God is doing other than what I know to do last which is serve this church that I moved here for and love and serve the people there. Was it foolish? Perhaps. But something’s up and I don’t know what. I just know what I need to do and that’s all I know. Can God give me a job that’ll afford me the ability to do that which I want to do? Sure. My question and this has been my big struggle even now is, “Will He?” Will He answer the prayers of His child in an endeavor that’s not sinful or evil but is ambitious and is overwhelming. For me, that’s been the struggle. I’m not calling into question God’s ability, but volition.

    And we both know the answer we seek is found in Scripture and community so… I’m with you there for sure. Community and fellowship!