What Does It Mean To Be Truly Desperate?

The word desperate is overused to the point of losing its meaning and understanding, almost to the same point as the word love. People love everything from a spouse or parent at one end of the spectrum, to their favorite brand of toilet paper at the other end of the spectrum. We tend to use desperate in the same manner. “I am desperate for a coke.” or “I am desperate to go shopping.” or “I’m desperate for a vacation.” We can actually live without these things, but we think we are desperate to have them. But what does being desperate really mean.


Living in the Texas Panhandle, we are in one of the most drought ridden areas of the country. Fires are all around us. Driving down the highway you see grass fires, or the remnants of the charred grass where one has happened. A small town just lost a number of homes and structures due to a wildfire. The ground is so dry that the wind blows the dirt off of the fields to a point that it makes you stop in the middle of the highway because you can’t see in front of you. The ground is so dry it is leaving deep cracks and grooves, and causing houses to settle and crack walls. We are desperate! We are desperate for rain! This is true desperation! Yesterday was the first of about 3 or 4 days that we have the opportunity for rain. We are all praying and begging God to open the flood gates and soak our land. We are desperate!

A few of Meriam-Webster’s definitions of desperate are:

1 –   having lost hope <a desperate spirit crying for relief>
2 –  giving no ground for hope <the outlook was desperate>
3 –  moved by despair <victims made desperate by abuse> 
4 –  suffering extreme need or anxiety <desperate for money>
5 –  involving extreme danger or possible disaster <a desperate situation>
6 – of extreme intensity
The drought that the Texas panhandle is enduring is an example of a physical desperation. We need rain, and we need it badly to prevent any more fires, to water our crops and livestock, and to heal our land. But what does it mean to be spiritually desperate?


Spiritual Desperation…

In the Gospels (Mark 5; Luke 8; Matt. 9) we are told the story of a woman with the issue of blood, or hemorrhaging. She had dealt with it for twelve years. She had spent everything she had, still had no relief, and actually got worse. She was desperate for a miracle.


Genesis tells us of Abraham whom God told that his descendants would be as numerous as the sands on the seashore. But then God was quiet for 13 years! Abraham slept with His wife’s handmaiden to take matters into his own hands. He was desperate to hear from God, and to see His promise fulfilled.


There are numerous other men and women in the Bible that we can see in desperate situations. But what about us?


When was the last time you were desperate for the Lord? Desperate for His word? Desperate to spend time just being in His presence? (While Christ is always with us, there is a difference when we deliberately set time aside to put away all distractions and completely focus on the Lord, and enter into His throne room.)
It is important to stay desperate for God, His word, and time with Him. Let us stay desperate to the point that we want Jesus and Him magnified more than our next breath! Let us not grow complacent in our walk with Him, but rather continue, as Paul says, to seek out and preach “the unfathomable riches of Christ.” Let us not get caught up in doctrinal debates, and moot points of contention, but rather desperately seek unity within the body of Christ and a greater revelation of who He is.
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