Five weeks ago, the Christian world celebrated Good Friday, and then Easter. But, the question I pose to you today is, “Where is your God now?”

The fanaticism and craze of lent are over. Good Friday has passed. The Easter bunny, resurrection, and the fervor in your dedication to Christ has waned.

Year in and year out the Christ believing community goes through this treacherous cycle of belittling our faith to a holiday weekend, while forsaking Christ the rest of the year. We pay Him no heed during our daily lives, until Christmas roles around. That is unless God forbid something “bad” happens in our lives.

Think back to 2001 for just a minute. Where did America stand prior to September 11, 2001 at 8:46 EST? We had hardly a thought of God, but almost instantly Americans came together to pray and focus their attention on the Father. Where is your God now?

We “honor” God with a passing thought, grace before dinner once a week, or our attendance to a church gathering. But where are the passion, zeal, and fervor that were present during lent, Good Friday, and the Easter weekend? AW Tozer said it best,

Complacency is a deadly foe of all spiritual growth.

Spiritual complacencyWhy do we not acknowledge Him upon rising?

Why do we not acknowledge Him in the mundane routines of life?

Why do we fail to thank God everyday for the little blessings we continually take for granted, like good health, two working kidneys, 10 fingers and 10 toes, or just the ability to take another breath?

Where is your God now?

Stop allowing your walk with Christ be dictated by the holiday calendar, while neglecting Him the other 300+ days of the year.

Go deeper in your walk with Christ.

Live by His indwelling Spirit on a daily basis.

Acknowledge Him upon rising, and when you lay your head down. Have an attitude of unceasing prayer daily.

Don’t allow yourself to get so busy with life, that you forget about the life giver, the life sustainer, and the life redeemer.

Lent, Good Friday, and Easter are over.

Where is your God now?

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